This all-new van tyre is now available in Australia

Continental Tyres says the arrival of the VanContact Ultra capitalises on its long history of success in the segment, with top global vehicle manufacturers reportedly choosing the tyre as Original Equipment.
Further, Continental Tyres states the launch of VanContact Ultra in Australia further cements its reputation to deliver a category-leading tyre suitable for Australian delivery service and trade vehicles.
The next-generation design reportedly offers significant developmental advances that boast outstanding mileage, durability, grip, and improved rolling resistance – while maintaining low noise and the high safety attributes so important for delivery or trade vehicles. 
Longevity is said to be a standout feature for the VanContact Ultra. The closed pattern design includes fewer and smaller lateral grooves in the shoulder, resulting in excellent mileage performance and a reduction in tyre wear and road noise – meaning a longer and more comfortable drive.
Additionally, the VanContact Ultra tyre uses the latest generation of functionalised polymers, resulting in a tread compound with high mileage and low rolling resistance – helping van drivers reduce the operating costs associated with tyre wear.
Continental Tyres says the robust sidewall design offers thicker rubber blocks and a scuff rib around the entire side of the tyre, increasing durability and assisting in the prevention of kerb damage without compromising on tyre grip.
“Our all-new VanContact Ultra tyre represents the product vision we set out to achieve – a new-generation Continental van tyre with a focus on leading robustness and mileage,” Continental Tyres Australia Managing Director, Mitchell Golledge, said.
“With the continual increase in online shopping and therefore door-to-door delivery services, we’re excited to be launching a tyre that meets the latest needs of the Australian market.”
To prevent tyre damage, ‘stone stoppers’ are attached to the outer two grooves of the tyre, preventing stones and other objects from penetrating the tread while the vehicle is being driven. 
Continental Tyres says it will be bringing a comprehensive range of sizes to the Australian market from March 2023, catering for rim sizes between 15 and 17 inches in diameter, suitable for a wide range of delivery van and trade vehicles.
The Continental VanContact Ultra van tyre is available now at all major Australian tyre retailers. 
For over 150 years, Continental Tyres says it has been a leader in creating world-class innovations using advanced technologies. It states the German-engineered tyres are refined and tested with safety in mind and are the first choice for leading vehicle manufacturers globally.

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