The new product is designed to meet the growing need for battery support in the workshop

CTEK, a leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions, has launched the Wall Hanger PRO60/PRO120, for better cable and clamp storage,
as well as a more permanent storage solution for the CTEK PRO60 and PRO120 battery support units.
Made of black powder coated metal, the Wall Hanger PRO60/PRO120 enables the PRO60 or PRO120 unit to be mounted on the wall or ramp-post for quick and easy access to the product – each and every time it’s needed.
“With vehicle technology becoming more and more complex, technicians are finding that battery support is something required for even the smallest vehicle repair or service.” PRO Business Development Manager, Henrik Hjuler, said.
“Whilst workshops maybe in the past had one or two battery support units, used across multiple bays, they are now looking to equip each and every bay with a powerful solution to meet even the most power-thirsty, modern vehicles.
“The Wall Hanger PRO60/PRO120 provides workshops with a durable and effective way of mounting our two most powerful, efficient and simple to operate products – that are fast becoming essential pieces of workshop equipment.”
The PRO60 and PRO120 12V battery support units, are advanced pieces of workshop equipment designed to meet the most extreme power demands in any workshop.
With advanced design, technology and superior features, CTEK says it is the ultimate choice for comprehensive professional battery support, charging and maintenance; and the perfect solution to support even the most demanding diagnostic or software flashing work – procedures that require the vehicle’s ignition to be switched on for long periods of time.
Providing up to 120A of clean and constant current, these units have selectable voltage output to exactly meet the specifications of individual vehicle manufacturers – as well as being able to work with both lead-acid and lithium (LiFePO4) batteries.
They also have an extremely stable output, to prevent battery failure during diagnostic / re-programming work – that can result in costly repairs and wasted technician time. Due to inherently low voltage ripple, low current ripple and a range of integrated safety features, the PRO60 and PRO120 units are safe for the battery and the vehicle’s delicate electronic systems too.

For more information about the CTEK range of professional battery management solutions, visit www.ctek.com