CTEK has been proud to launch its CS ONE

CTEK, a leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions, has launched the CS ONE, which it describes as a revolutionary and powerful new battery charger and maintainer with cutting-edge APTO (Adaptive Charging) technology that ”does all the thinking for you.”
One company already using the CS ONE is Benzina Stables, a highly secure car storage facility in Preston, Melbourne.
The team at Benzina Stables have been using the CS ONE on their beloved vehicles amongst all the routine maintenance checks and processes they undertake at the facility.
Holding a large variety of vehicles in its care – with everything from an old Rolls-Royce Phantom VI to an eclectic mix of other performance and 4×4 automotive royalty – the Benzina Stables team needs to know they have the right tools to meet the needs of every customer.
Amongst all the maintenance processes the team undertakes, one critical factor is keeping every car on a battery charger and maintainer, like the
Benzina Stables says one of the definitive reasons why CTEK was chosen for their everyday battery maintenance needs is because CTEK chargers are spark proof, reverse polarity protected and electronically safe.
With millions of dollars of 4x4s, classic collectables, exotics and motorbikes, the risk of fire is a big consideration.
”Recently, we got our hands on a CTEK CS ONE charger – from the get go, it was a game-changer for us,” Benzina Stables Co-Founder, Kristian Palumbo, said.
”With our CTEK chargers, we can simply connect and forget. They are widely-recognised as reliable and safe, dramatically reducing the chances of a fire and a costly insurance bill. They are left switched on at night, and we sleep very comfortably knowing expensive cars are in here and they are being taken good care of.
”We deal with a broad cross section of vehicles here, from exotics to classic cars and batteries are often placed in weird and hard-to-reach places, tucked into the back of a Ferrari, for instance.
”Previously, we had to get a torchlight shone in via a phone, and struggle to locate the positive and negative terminals to connect, but the CS ONE’s polarity free clamps make this issue a thing of the past.
”We just put one clamp on each charging point and the CS ONE will automatically work out which is the positive and which is the negative terminal. It also automatically adapts to lead-acid or lithium batteries, whereas with many other chargers we’d have to manually choose a lithium mode, for example.
”When dealing with many different types of cars and batteries, this is a great feature! With the
CS ONE’s mobile app connectivity feature as well, we can monitor the vehicle’s charging cycle progress from anywhere. We fight over which car gets it!”
With a wide mix of cars, all utilised on an irregular basis, Kristian and his team know that it is essential to not just ensure the batteries are charged, but that they are carefully maintained to care for their long-term performance.
”We often get cars that have sat in sheds or storage units for a long time. Batteries come to us that have been in very poor health. It is great to know that CTEK chargers such as the MXS 5.0 and the
CS ONE gives us the ability to efficiently restore them to good condition for our customers. Its a great offering for the customer and a value-add for us,” Kristian said.

Key features and benefits:

• Super smart and super simple: no buttons to press or modes to select – simply connect CS ONE to any 12V lead-acid or lithium (LiFePO4) battery and just leave it to do its work.
• Adaptive Charging Technology (APTO): automatically works out what type and size of battery you’ve got and what it needs, then delivers a customised charging program with the most appropriate charge for your battery.
• Polarity free clamps: just put one clamp on each charging point and the CS ONE will automatically work out which is the positive and which is the negative terminal.
• Bad cell detection: The CS ONE can tell if your battery can’t be charged – and will notify you.
• Easy to understand display: countdown indicator shows when you can restart your battery and how long to go till fully charged.
• Additional functions: unlock additional programs / functions by connecting the CS ONE to the free to download CTEK App:
– Recond mode restores battery life and reconditions flat or deeply discharged batteries.
– Wake Up lithium batteries with under voltage protection (UVP) or to bring deeply discharged lead-acid batteries (as low as 0V) back to life.
– Supply mode turns CS ONE into a 12V power supply to keep vehicle settings safe if you need to remove the battery.
– Advanced settings to monitor volts and amps being delivered by the charger.
– Adjust charger LED brightness
• Accessories: new-look u-terminal connector for easier access to the battery, protective rubber bumper, wall-mount and adaptor for compatibility with all existing CTEK accessories.

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