Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) brake components are now covered by the demanding regulation

The UN ECE-R90 is a European regulation that defines standards for brake friction, rotors and drums in terms of design, performance and test standards.
It states that for every replacement product, the above criteria must be within a specified performance tolerance (+/- 15 percent) when tested against genuine OE parts.
In the past 12 months, Disc Brakes Australia (DBA), in concert with the Australian arm of the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) UK, a government body and independent testing house, has carried out an extensive testing and approval process.
As a result, DBA brake rotors for over 95 percent of the relevant car parc are now covered by the demanding regulation.
This includes the upgrade and performance lines – 4000 and 5000 Series – plus all corresponding Street Series rotors from the same ‘design families.’
DBA explains that its upgrade and performance brake pad ranges follow closely behind, with any remaining gaps continually being eliminated.
DBA provides full test certification with its products when requested for ease of importation into many Asian and the Middle Eastern countries, even when R90 is not mandatory.
While not legally required to undergo the same process, DBA explains that its local Australian applications are tested and approved to the same regime to ensure globally consistent product group performance, safety and consumer confidence.
This means customers purchasing certified parts from DBA can expect superior braking performance compared with non-certified components and even the original part, says DBA.
DBA’s brake rotors and pads are clearly marked with the ECE R90 imprint or stamp respectively. The R90 logo is likewise printed on the box label for ease of identification.
DBA explains that the R90 certification adds to DBA’s long history of ensuring the highest product quality through various certification processes, most notably ISO9001 for international manufacturing quality standards.

For further information, contact DBA at www.dba.com.au or on 1800 730 039.