Extremely compact and low-profile road-legal rear function lamps

LED Autolamps, a designer and manufacturer of high-quality LED Automotive lighting, says it is excited to complete its ultra-compact, super low-profile rear function range 12 series Lamps.
Although small and compact, LED Autolamps says the 12 Series sure packs a punch regarding features and flexibility.
It states that the 12 series lamps look great with a slick, clean and modern design that enhances any vehicle or trailer application.
Whilst inactive, they feature a clear lens and a black PCB, but once lit up, you can rest assured other motorists know your intentions.
Measuring 130mm wide, 30mm high, and only 8mm on the side profile, these lamps are perfect for small, tight spaces. 
LED offers the following part numbers in the
12 series range:
• P/N: 12ACM-2, Rear Indicator Lamp (NEW)
• P/N: 12RCM-2, Stop/Tail Lamp (NEW)
• P/N: 12ARM-2, All in one Stop/Tail/Indicator
• P/N: 12WM-2, Reverse Lamp 
Vehicles and trailers can and will experience extreme operational environments across their lifetime, demanding a product that can keep you moving with no stress.
LED Autolamps says you can rest assured that the 12 series lamps have been vibration tested and come built-in with solid-state circuit technology, meaning there are no moving parts.
They are also comprehensively tested to extreme IP67 standards for dust and water ingress.
Utilising the strength and durability of high-impact polycarbonate plastics for the lens and the efficient heat dissipation of an MCPCB metal core base, LED Autolamps says they have been manufactured to the highest standard possible, ensuring the most extended operational life achievable from the light. 
The lamps offer dual voltage, 12/24 Volts, and an exceptionally low current draw, which is essential when considering battery system requirements.
Six high-powered SMD LEDs directed through an enhanced Fresnel-style lens design ensure the greatest light efficiency, shining brightly in all functions and exceeding the stringent ECE standards for road approval.
They are also tested and approved for vertical or horizontal mounting (Except Reverse), giving you flexibility and choice regarding installation. 
LED Autolamps also has offered a choice in fixing with super-strong 3M tape and/or screws to secure the lamp to any clean flat surface.
It says the high-quality 3M tape ensures strong adhesion and will not move or budge even when subjected to high-pressure cleaning.
LED Autolamps further states the 12 series has been designed to be fit for purpose with ease of fit in mind and states it will not disappoint.
LED Autolamps explains that its entire operation is certified to ISO9001:2015, the internationally recognised Quality Management Standard, and its main production facility is certified to IATF16949:2016 standards; your guarantee of conformity of production, exceptional service, technical expertise, supply reliability, and dedicated after-sales care.
LED Autolamps offers a five-year peace of mind warranty and guarantees that its products will give you years of trouble-free service.
The 12 series is supplied in a twin retail blister pack and is available to order now. 

For further information, visit www.ledautolamps.com for your local distributor or call LED Autolamps on 1800 815 000.