Brake hoses are the latest addition to Disc Brakes Australia’s range of Street Series hydraulic brake products

As part of DBA’s commitment to maintaining its leadership in braking technology, the company is further expanding its range of OE-replacement and upgrade brake components under its Street Series label.
The latest release consists of a series of brake hoses as part of DBA’s recently launched Hydraulics range. Initially featuring nearly 500 part numbers covering multiple applications, DBA is continuing to roll out additional items over the coming months and into the future.
DBA says that having led the market in rotor technology for many decades, its transition to a premium ‘one stop shop’ for anything wheel end is on full display this year, resulting in complete braking solution offers for the customer.
Known for accurate and comprehensive parts cataloguing, DBA says it has applied the same stringent approach to its new brake hose range by linking it to all major Australian and international industry database formats.
Brake hoses are a critical component within a vehicle’s braking system, responsible for carrying the fluid pressure from the brake pedal to the brake cylinder.
DBA believes there must be no compromise in quality and performance when it comes to safety relevant vehicle components.
So, whilst intended as OE replacement products, DBA brake hoses come with a range of technological and quality features that DBA says sets them apart from other brands.
DBA brake hoses are made from extra durable EPDM rubber. All end fittings are made from high-grade steel and electroplated with a zinc coating, which DBA says delivers superior corrosion and rust resistance. Banjo end fittings are also supplied with copper washers for better sealing properties.
The brake hose manufacturing process culminates in extensive quality and durability testing. DBA says it is interesting to note that its “test criteria by far exceeds those of other brands in the market.”

Further, DBA states that its products surpass SAE International standards for durability by up to 400 percent (nominally up to 200 hours), explaining that they are tested to ensure a burst pressure rating of 10,000psi (against most competitor products at 4,000psi), and a tensile strength of 560lb.
DBA states the hose volumetric expansion is approximately 60 percent lower than SAE International requirements (DBA 0.36 – 0.54cc/m vs. 1.08 – 1.38cc/m at equal test pressures). Lower volumetric expansion aids the speed of fluid transfer when braking, hence reducing braking distance.
As a result of DBA’s advanced manufacturing processes and its product quality, DBA says the hoses far exceed standards set by the Department of Transport (DOT), the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 106) and SAE J1401 standards as well as those of many competitors, giving the customer the extra peace of mind at a competitive cost.
Each DBA brake hose, where applicable, is supplied with brackets, moulded plastic guards, and wire clips for ease of installation.
All DBA brake hoses come in easy-to-store, straight plastic sleeves, to eliminate material fatigue from rubber being bent inside the packaging. All hoses also feature the DBA logo imprinted on the rubber part for easy identification.

For further information please visit www.dba.com.au, email technical@dba.com.au or call DBA Customer Service on 1800 730 039.