Meyle parts become available to Australian motorists for the first time

For aspirational drivers the world over, Sparesbox says the name Meyle brings with it an assurance of quality and performance.
For Australians though, it says it has also long been a name that is synonymous with unavailability; a range of world-leading aftermarket parts that they cannot get their hands on.
That has now changed though, says Sparesbox, which reports it has struck a deal with the German masters of steering and suspension parts to become the first supplier of the range to Australia and New Zealand.
Sparesbox says it is going all in on Meyle, stocking the full selection of products that have made it one of the most popular and sought-after brands around the world.
Sparesbox has more than 2,500 Meyle products available. The Meyle-Original line is there for the driver looking to replace their OE parts to exact spec with no compromise on quality or safety, but Sparesbox says it is Meyle’s additional lines that will get hearts pumping and motors running across both the lucky country and the land of the long white cloud.
It explains that Meyle-HD parts are there when simply replacing an OE part will not do. Rocking a four-year manufacturers’ guarantee, Meyle-HD parts are said to be made from more durable materials and with highly optimised designs.
Sparesbox says simply put, they are a cut above a simple replacement part and are designed to go further than the original parts installed in your vehicle.
Then there’s Meyle-PD, Meyle’s line of advanced performance and design parts that are said to “go further than all the rest.”
Meyle-PD gear fits just like OE parts, but Meyle says “their advanced design ethos allows for higher performance and higher reliability than nearly anything you can find on the market today. The end result is a ride that sets new standards in comfort, function and performance.”
And Sparesbox says while Meyle has raised the bar for steering and suspension aftermarket parts, it is not their only area of expertise. It states that with the help of Sparesbox, it is aiming to change the way Australian drivers look at replacement parts, and how they go about getting their hands on them.

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