Tough on dirt, friendly to the environment

Cleaning your vehicle’s glass is not only important for safety, but clean glass also makes the car gleam and look amazing.
Letting dirt sit on the glass over a long period will eventually turn the dirt particles opaque and hazy, affecting visibility.
Whilst a normal detergent or car shampoo can be used to clean glass, it can sometimes leave streaks and smears.
De-Solv-It explains a good, dedicated auto-specific glass cleaner is formulated differently to household cleaners and can clean the glass better, is safer and protects the surface from getting dirty for longer.
A good glass cleaner for your car should deliver cleaning power, be quick and efficient to use, have a dry feel (for no grip to dust and dirt to prolong the longevity of the clean look) and offer streak-free cleaning performance.
For 40 years, De-Solv-it says its Multipurpose Cleaner and Sticky Spot Remover has solved the toughest cleaning jobs and quickly became the “go-to-cleaner” for tradies, professionals and households. It has even been the CHOICE recommended stain remover/cleaner in Australia and New Zealand for many years and has also gained global recognition.
Now, De-Solv-it has introduced a new product – Ultra Clear Glass and Mirror Cleaner: a fast-acting cleaner to provide maximum clarity to any glass and mirrored surfaces.
This highly effective cleaner removes oily film, dust, dirt and grime on windscreens, windows, headlights and mirrors.
Unlike hydrophobic cleaners, the De-Solv-it Ultra Clear Glass and Mirror Cleaner is formulated with a special, surface-substantive film coating which makes hard surfaces hydrophilic.
The resulting water sheeting effect inhibits fogging on glass, windows and mirrors to reduce the formation of hard water spots.
As the special film also helps to prevent dirt particles attaching to the glass surface to resist hazing, De-Solv-it says its Ultra Clear Glass Cleaner will give you longer lasting clear vision.
The non-toxic and ammonia-free formula makes it safe to use on tints, trims and paint. It is fast acting and powerful, with a little going a long way to offer streak-free, ultra-clear glass and mirrors that last.
The ergonomic bottle design makes it super easy to hold and spray. The non-aerosol product is biodegradable and safe for the environment and comes in a bottle which boasts an ergonomic bottle design.

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