Mobil 1 encourages you to consider what testing the oil you are using has gone through

As a company passionate about absolute performance, outstanding protection and pioneering innovation, Mobil 1 explains it performs well over one million miles of arduous testing on every one of its new formulations and specifications before it hits the shelves.
Thousands of hours are invested in dyno verification and road driving across multiple engine platforms, in multiple locations, under every operating condition imaginable.
So, Mobil 1 asks: has the oil you’re using been tested for a million-plus miles?
Even after all that, the company explains that every Mobil lubricant then goes through further independent industry evaluation, such as API, ACEA and ILSAC.
Then there’s the incredibly demanding Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) verification and approval process.
Mobil 1 says you should keep in mind that the manufacturer’s specification is the minimum standard.
Mobil says its goal is to exceed the minimum specification in several key performance areas, such as wear protection, friction reduction, emissions and internal cleanliness, along with hot and cold weather performance.
To maintain its title of “world’s leading synthetic engine oil brand” and to push the boundaries, Mobil 1 says its testing regime never stops. Indeed, it is ongoing, and not just in Mobil’s “world-class” laboratories.
Each month thousands of Mobil oil samples are taken from partner Taxi, shuttle-bus and trucking fleets for detailed analysis.
Not only do these vehicles see exceptionally high annual milage, they typically get worked hard, whilst experiencing the extremes of engine operating conditions – such as long run times, gruelling stop-start driving, sustained high engine temperatures, and huge swings in ambient temperatures, all of which is hard on oils.
Mobil 1 says it is these severe conditions which make these vehicles perfect roaming laboratories.
As well as taking oil samples, Mobil engineers and researchers routinely dismantle these engines for precise measurement and detailed visual inspection to identify even the slightest signs of wear.
Mobil’s scientists and formulators use the vast amount of real-world data points collected to not only verify existing product performance, but to continually refine existing formulations.
The data also reportedly generates invaluable and unique new insights that help drive the ground-breaking innovation necessary for developing the next generation of advanced oils.

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