A range of diagnostic equipment is available

With the drastic changes and push towards new technologies and more complex vehicle systems in the industry, workshops need their diagnostic equipment to be more adaptive now than ever before.
The surge in Electric and Hybrid vehicle sales in Australia means preparations must be put in place now to ensure suitable diagnostic tooling is field ready and accessible.
To stay ahead of this curve, Mount Auto Equip Services says it offers a solution, providing diagnostic tools to match the latest vehicular technology.
Amongst its range are diagnostic scan tools which are Hybrid and EV ready, hybrid and electric vehicle oscilloscope kits and accessories, insulation test equipment, high voltage CAT III and CAT IV multimeters and milliohm test equipment, and also the latest in advanced driver assistance system ADAS calibration processes.
Mount Auto Equip Services says Pico Technology UK, the “world’s largest automotive oscilloscope, NVH and electronic test equipment supplier for most major car, truck and off road equipment repairers,” has responded to new EV challenges from vehicle manufacturers by developing some exciting new technologies considered essential for the huge growth in electric and hybrid vehicle testing. This technology is now available to the aftermarket.
Mount Auto Equip Services explains that the Pico Milliohm and Motor tester is a new, exciting addition to the product range that brings the most precise diagnostic results during low resistance testing.
The tool can test the windings of a three-phase electric motor in under a minute and with accuracy down to 0.1 milliohm. All of which is in real time and is all accurately compensated for temperature using the included sensor.
Various selections of hybrid and electric specialist tooling is also available, including insulation test meters to allow testing of the high voltage wiring found on high voltage vehicles, the two pole tester to safely check for the presence or absence of voltage up to 690v AC and 950v DC, current clamps to test hybrid and EV electric motor current, or the 25MHz 700v differential oscilloscope probes to measure signals not referenced to ground using a standard earthed oscilloscope such as the Pico.
These products can either be bought separately or found in Mount Auto Equip Services’ tailored four channel Pico EV Kit or EV upgrade kits, allowing you to add on to your current Pico 4425 or 4425a models.
Mount Auto Equip Services explains the Pico EV kit features more than 30 separate attachments and probes to give you the greatest manoeuvrability in an all-in-one professional solution, stating that the Pico EV Kit is indispensable for those keeping at the forefront of the automotive trade, looking to welcome the latest drivetrain solutions on our roads.
The company notes that the need for upgrading diagnostic scan tools to competently maintain and repair the modern vehicle is always most important as the vehicle systems are constantly upgraded.
As such, Mount Auto Equip Services offers a number of advanced options to manage this new wave, including the Zenith Z5 and Z7 Oceania diagnostic interfaces and software, or the Bosch KTS560/590 with Esi(Tronic) 2.0 software and their latest hybrid and electric vehicle testing capabilities.
These flagship products are equipped with SGW (secure gateway) access solutions and are compatible with the latest DOIP and CAN-FD protocols now used by vehicle manufacturers.
With these products, high voltage battery SOH State of Health and SOC State of Charge testing, motor phase UVW current graph and recording, Li battery temperature monitoring can all be easily performed whilst accessing a broad range of diagnostic information and technical resources.

For more information, please contact Mount Auto Equip Services on 02 9905 8055 or sales@maeservices.com.au or visit www.autoequipment.com.au