Unique Auto Parts stocks a range of car care products

Even though Unique Auto Parts is known for supplying replacement parts for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Volvo, Peugeot, Renault, Porsche, Citroen, Land Rover, Range Rover and Mini, it also stocks a number of car care products including cleaning products and other workshop consumables.
Included in the range is the recently relaunched Triplewax line which offers complete cleaning solutions for both the interior and exterior, while the new packaging has been designed to reduced waste.
Unique Auto Parts says Triplewax has modernised and added to its line, which now includes wash and wax car shampoo, Snow foam (for use with pressure washers), liquid gold car shampoo, fast wax, ceramic wax, bumper shine, and waterless wash.
For the interior there is a range of leather cleaners and conditioner and interior sprays effective on seats, carpets, roof linings, and all areas of upholstery and interior trim. There are also separate sprays available specifically for glass and dashboards.
In addition to car care and cleaning products, Unique Auto Parts also stocks a large range of sponges, PVA Chamois, polishing cloths, and polishing cloth applicators.
Unique Auto Parts says it also has all
the consumables needed to keep your vehicle running in tip top condition including brake
and part cleaner, silicone spray, battery terminal cleaner, carb and intake cleaner, copper
spray cleaner, electrical contact cleaner, tool cleaner, engine starter and multi -purpose spray cleaner.
These products are in addition to the ever-popular engine cleaner and degreaser, DPF cleaner and complete fuel system cleaner (for diesel engines).
Using a high-quality coolant is another sure-fire way to show your car your care and Unique Auto Parts says it stocks the best quality Bluecol coolants which not only meet OEM requirements but are designed and specifically formulated for European makes.
All these car care items, workshop consumables and coolants as well as a wide range of replacement parts are in stock in all five of Unique Auto Parts branches, located around Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
Unique Auto Parts says delivery is quick and efficient using its own fleet of delivery vehicles as well as a reliable network of couriers for overnight and interstate freight.

Visit or call 1300 864 864 for more information or to be connected to your nearest branch.