With parts from HPP Lunds

Modern diesel and the now more common turbo diesel four-wheel drives have advantages over petrol versions having better fuel economy, a longer touring range, more torque for towing or off-roading, and better access for diesel in this wide brown land. That’s why there are so many on our roads.
Two of the most popular diesel off-roaders are both from Toyota; the LandCruiser range and the Prado range. LandCruisers have been in Australia since 1959 and both model ranges have forged a great number of devotees.
Since there are so many of these on the road, so many older ones and so many that have racked up the kilometres through towing and off-road use, there is a need for spare parts and HPP Lunds has a wide range of diesel specific parts for these vehicles.
These parts are available for LandCruisers ranging from early vehicles such as the BJ40 3.0 litre diesel to the later models such as the VDJ200 turbo diesel, or if you’re talking Prado then from the early KZJ95 to the KDJ150 turbo diesel.
While different models are catered for with a different range of diesel parts the range includes injection pump parts, primer pump parts, engine mounts, manifold studs, injector nozzle O rings, oil filler caps, oil filters, oil sump parts, side cover gaskets, valve stem seals, voltage regulators, glow plugs, pistons, timing gear parts, belt tensioner adjusters, head gaskets, solenoids, oil pressure relief valves, valve adjusting shims, valve lifters, cylinder sleeves and camshaft bearings, to name just a few.
HPP Lunds’ LandCruiser catalogue has parts listed as they pertain to each model with the years covered from 1964 through to 2015. LandCruiser Prado models are also covered from 1996 to 2009. The LandCruiser catalogue is 326 pages.
Tabbed, coloured and labelled outer stripes on each page enable you to easily recognise to which vehicle the page refers. Most of the line items
in the catalogues also come with notes to add more clarity. Both these books are available in hardcopy, and they can also be downloaded from www.hpplunds.com.au
Approximately 99 percent of Lunds’ parts are directly imported from the manufacturers with stock available in the company’s Brisbane warehouse.
Lunds 4WD parts are also listed on AutoInfo (Oscar) with more than 28000 entries.

For more information or to obtain a copy, contact the HPP Lunds Call Centre on 1300 306 781.