Protex says its customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding braking solutions for their 4WDs

With a specialist Ultra 4WD range of rotors and pads right through to hydraulics and components in its Ultra range, Protex says it has all of your 4WD needs covered.
Heavy duty range for 4WD, SUV and demanding off-road conditions
Whether its towing, off-road adventures or everyday city driving, four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicles need high performance braking systems. Protex says its Ultra 4WD range delivers the right stopping power in all sorts of challenging driving conditions.
While specifically catering to the needs of 4WD and SUV vehicles engaging in off-road driving and towing, Protex Ultra 4WD is equally suitable to everyday driving.
Tough brakes for heavy-duty activities
Protex says its Ultra 4WD range is developed from the latest innovations in design and manufacturing and therefore offers many benefits including:
• Anti-corrosion: the disc rotors are coated with “Ultracoat Z360” coating for anti-corrosion protection and faster fitment.
• Better stability: high carbon rotor formulation provides better stability under high thermal stress such as off-road conditions and towing.
• Enhanced cooling: custom slotting and various vane designs for optimised cooling and heat dissipation, especially relevant to high heat loads that often accompany heavy braking.
• Environmentally friendly: copper-free brake pads for minimal environmental impact and cleaner waterways without compromising performance.
• Quieter braking: optimised, multi-layered shim on all pads with the addition of chamfer and slots to reduce noise and vibration.
• Short bedding-in time: ceramic pads are pre-scorched for instant braking performance straight from the box.
Protex Ultra for 4WD
Perfectly suited to 4WD, the Protex Ultra range covers everything from premium hydraulics right through to components.
Protex delivers high performance hydraulic braking solutions with an exceptional range of cylinders and calipers covering a wide range of 4WD vehicle applications. Key features and benefits include:
• Extensive cylinder range covering all major cylinders: Brake, Clutch, Wheel and Slaves
• Engineered to OE Fit, Form and Function
• Quality materials for leak free performance
• Proven product dependability and durability
Callipers are proving to be especially popular with the 4WD market and Protex says it has one of the largest range of calipers to suit the toll that off-road driving can bring on calipers.
With more part numbers continually being added, Protex Ultra 4WD covers all the popular 4WD applications including Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Patrol, Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota LandCruiser and many other models including SUV.

For more information, visit www.protexparts.com.au