The Global Basic international membership provides full access to technical bulletins

As it celebrates 10 years since its first diesel diagnostic course was delivered in Townsville in Queensland, Diesel Help Australia says it has become an internationally acclaimed service provider.
Diesel Help Australia Founder and Trainer, Clinton Brett, says the company set goals early on to expand globally and it was all about timing and making use of recently adapted resources to assist with expansion.
“Our motto remains: not all mechanics signed up for diesel,” Clinton said.
A Global Basic membership is now on offer with a yearly subscription price of $375 AUD inclusive.
The new membership offer includes access to the expanding Diesel Help Australia library which contains over 230 technical bulletins plus two of its online training courses: DPF Diagnostics and Diesel Service Advisor.
Members also receive a monthly newsletter and monthly live stream open chat session, called ‘The Pump Room.’
Global Basic is available to individuals and large groups and organisations can apply for a group discount.
“Unlike our other membership levels, Platinum, Gold and Silver, Global Basic does not include over the phone diesel diagnostics support service,” Clinton explained.
“If you wish to access this exclusive support, you must purchase one of the other three levels.
“Why have we created a level without assistance? Almost 50 percent of our subscribers are not requesting over the phone diagnostics assistance.
“We are okay with this because as you can understand, having close to 300 subscribers, over the phone can become time consuming.
“I won’t deny it, including myself, our support techs enjoy the challenge, and we understand our members also want to excel on their own.
“The feedback from members is simple – the technical bulletin library is our go to. On several occasions we’ve gotten out of strife by simply searching a common fault in the online library.
“The in-depth and regularly updated instructions include valuable data and training links to videos and other related bulletins. They tell us, ‘combining with what Clinton has taught us over the years, we are confident to successfully nut the problems out ourselves.’
“One of the popular reasons workshops are joining our service comes down to staff shortages combined with the fact diesel-powered vehicles continue to dominate our roads.
“Even with the latest and greatest of scan tools, without experienced diesel minded staff, it can be difficult to diagnose problematic diesels with symptoms you don’t fully understand.
“Diesel Help Australia is your virtual diesel staff member. We will guide you systematically through a proven process to arrive at the source of the problem and provide you with the best solution. You will also enjoy monthly newsletters, updated bulletins, online training and discounts.”

For more information, visit www.dieselhelp.com.au