Diesel Help Australia says TUNAP is doing good things for the environment and the industry

Clinton Brett of Diesel Help Australia says his role as the brand ambassador for TUNAP Australia evolved from commitment and passion for the automotive industry, striving for the professional existence and recognition it deserves.
“Lately our industry has received plenty of negative criticism of how we treat the environment. I believe the increased presence of diesel passenger cars has played a big part,” Clinton said.
“In the eyes of consumers, they believe emission systems are inadequate and cause unnecessary smoke and increased problems.
“There are companies targeting unsuspecting consumers, resorting to the removal of DPF and EGRs, and promoting the use of dangerous chemicals during servicing.
“As an industry representative, I strive to change this perception, for the greater good, by protecting the environment and reducing the negative stigma of the aftermarket repair industry.
“It is difficult to stop those responsible for deleting emission systems, but it is not difficult for a workshop to change the chemical products they are using in the workplace.
“This is what I love about TUNAP products. It is satisfying to use a chemical that doesn’t water your eyes, doesn’t cause shortness of breath, and doesn’t burn your skin.
“Overall, the result is a better outcome for both the surface it is used on and the person applying the product.”
Clinton explains that TUNAP has been servicing the OEM since the 1970s, to create effective and safe cleaning chemicals for the user and application.
In recent years, TUNAP has extended its coverage, providing the aftermarket sector with the same level of commitment as its OEM certified products.
“It is essential that TUNAP products are developed with the natural environment where we live and work in mind and give the utmost importance to the health and safety of those who work in the automotive industry,” Clinton said.

Key features: TUNAP 957 Engine Cleaner:
• Free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – no solvents 
• Non-DG (Dangerous Goods) – easy to transport
• Contains low-viscosity detergents to deliver outstanding cleaning results
• Removes oil sludge deposits from the engine oil system
• Protects the engine from being damaged as a result of blocked oil channels and bore holes
• Contains additives to lubricate components during the cleaning process
• Does not contain any chlorine, phosphates, nitrates, or heavy metals
• Can be disposed of with the used oil

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