Terrain Tamer and Flashlube had plenty to show at AAAExpo

Terrain Tamer and Flashlube both took the opportunity at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo to showcase a range of innovative products that have either flourished or been newly added to their portfolios since the Expo’s last iteration in 2022.
From its 60,000 strong range, Terrain Tamer displayed its popular Parabolic Leaf Springs, along with Heavy Duty Bearing Kits, Air Filter Insert Shim Kits, and its most recent addition, the Fortified Plus 4WD Kevlar Clutch Kit, to a record number of visitors.
The new Terrain Tamer Sealed Alternator Assembly, which has been gathering attention from the mining industry in recent months, was also showcased as a nominee for the Expo’s Innovative Parts Awards.
“The AAAExpo is really our industry marketplace,” Don Kyatt Group General Manager, Brent Hutchinson, said.
“Of the events we attend throughout the year, this one has the most benefit to us, as it allows us to come together to celebrate achievements, release new products and discuss ideas and trends for the future.
“It has been wonderful to see the Expo continue to grow over time, and reach record growth again this year, to make it a true centre piece of our industry.”
Meanwhile, the Flashlube exhibition donned a large and colourful wall display sporting images of the range of additives, greases and more. These products were also physically available on the stand for industry visitors to view and discuss with the Flashlube team.
Most notable for Flashlube was the display of several newly released products, including DOT4 Brake Fluid, AdBlue, Distilled Water and both pre-mix and concentrate Radiator Coolant.
The Expo also offered the opportunity for the release of Flashlube’s new ‘Keep It All Running Smoothly’ campaign, which expands focus to the full family of products, marking a departure from the previous long running ‘Next Generation’ campaign, which exclusively featured diesel-based products.
“The best thing about AAAExpo is that it gives us the opportunity to display our full range of products to the industry and showcase any new innovations that we, as a company, have released over the past two years,” Flashlube Product Manager, Sam Maio, said.
“It also offers such a great chance to reconnect with the industry via suppliers, manufacturers, competitors and consumers, to exchange ideas and concepts while discussing the pros and cons of business and hear about the future through the eyes of industry leaders.
“Even if I wasn’t associated with the industry, I would definitely still visit, and I am already looking forward to what we’ll have on offer for 2026!”

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