BAPCOR Limited, which explains it is Australasia’s largest automotive aftermarket specialised company, occupied a total of four large and well-equipped stands at the country’s biennial industry showcase

Two of the Australian company’s largest stands at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre were devoted to the company’s commitment to providing and servicing a selection of the world’s highest quality and technologically advanced workshop equipment to the nation’s general automotive and collision repairers.
Burson Equipment used AAAExpo to promote its brand-new range of Launch diagnostic tools, accompanied by the latest Autel and Jaltest diagnostic tools and their accompanying industry leading software.
The Autel ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) tools saw a very high level of AAAExpo visitor engagement and enquiry, as more automotive repairers deal with modern vehicle ADAS calibration requirements.
The latest specification Rotary Lift AV Arms (All-Vehicle) were on display at the Precision Automotive Equipment stand, gaining a great deal of visitor interest.
Precision Automotive Equipment explains these are the highest capacity low profile vehicle lifts available, featuring the industry’s lowest pad height, 20 percent longer length, 470mm front arm retracted length, a 30 percent larger arm sweep area along with the capability to lift anything from hatchbacks, sedans, exotics, 4WDs, EVs and more, providing total versatility and improved workshop productivity.
The Rotary LT35A Lifting Table also proved popular, with the Precision Automotive Equipment display stand showcasing its 1,587 kilogram lifting capacity, 1,981mm pendant cord, side to side and fore and aft tilt alignment, expandable platform, split sliding top and lockable lifting height capability.
This lifting table also works in conjunction with the Rotary RT30 Repair Table to create multiple repair stations within the one workshop space.
Precision Automotive Equipment also teamed up with exciting EV manufacturer BYD at AAAExpo to showcase Rotary’s EV Battery Tables on its stand.
As the exclusive national distributor of the leading Hunter range of wheel service equipment products, the stand also showcased a number of new and industry leading products from this world-renowned innovator.

Wheel alignment technology has never been more advanced at AAAExpo with Precision Automotive Equipment also featuring the HawkEye Elite Aligner combined with WinAlign Software.
With a database supporting more than 285 million vehicles, Precision Automotive Equipment featured this benchmark setting wheel alignment system and its software that it says sets the world’s highest performance standard for wheel alignment equipment.
Hunter’s new Maverick Wheel Changer was also displayed sharing many features with Hunter’s popular and standard-setting Revolution tyre changer.
This model keeps the technician completely in charge with smooth and fully variable operation with hydraulic controls that combine low-speed functionality with on-demand faster operation, allowing technicians who prefer a more hands-on approach to adapt the process to suit their individual needs.
Precision Automotive Equipment also showcased what it describes as the world’s fastest diagnostic wheel balancer, the Hunter Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer.
This state of the art balancer solves vibration problems and provides a “new car ride” using its diagnostic load roller.
Precision Automotive Equipment General Manager, Peter Hewitt, said the 2024 AAAExpo was the company’s most comprehensive equipment showcase.
“We were inundated throughout the three days at AAAExpo. Between the Precision Automotive Equipment and the Burson stands we had the latest and greatest that the world has to offer in workshop equipment, which has become more important than ever with ADAS calibration requirements and modern vehicle servicing requirements,” Peter said.
“It is always great to liaise with our customers face to face at AAAExpo and we encourage any visitors who want to learn more about anything that they have seen or discussed at the event to visit our fully operational equipment showroom, where we can personally guide customers through our world leading lift, wheel service and diagnostic equipment range.”

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