Restore your headlights, fast

GPC Asia Pacific’s Eclipse KlearLights headlight restoration wipes allow users to restore yellowed, faded and unsafe headlights in just two minutes.
Traditional headlight restoration kits often rely on abrasive processes to physically remove UV degraded and yellowed plastics from car headlight lenses. This process can be time consuming and tedious, requiring many steps to achieve a reasonable outcome.
GPC Asia Pacific explains that its KlearLights headlight restoration technology is a revolutionary and simple three step ‘wipe on’ process that utilises state of the art chemistry to restore weathered, hazy, yellowed and cloudy headlight lenses back to crystal clarity.
Step one converts the degraded surface of polycarbonate headlight lenses to a clean, stable base.
Step two significantly enhances the optical transmission while the specially formulated UV protective resins lock in the headlight clarity for up to 12 months.
Thus, deteriorated headlight lenses are dramatically improved in terms of safety through increased visibility of oncoming vehicle.
Greater light transmission reduces eyestrain and increases depth and breadth of night vision, which is particularly important on poorly lit roads in regional areas.

Key features and benefits:
• Restores headlights in just two minutes
• Enhance roadworthiness and appearance
• Add re-sale value
• Three types of special wipes quickly clean and seal your degraded headlight.
• Quick, clean and simple solution – simply wipe on, dry and coat
• No mess, no fuss, no special tools required.
• Inexpensive – the kits have a retail price of $26.00

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