The Australian designed and developed product is a world first according to the company

Turbosmart states that its eSG50 StraightGate50 is a world first (patent pending) electronically actuated butterfly style wastegate, which provides more flow and greater control, specifically at lower opening angles than any other wastegate available.
The StraightGate is smaller than a 60mm wastegate and has control greater than any 38 or 40mm wastegate. The electronic actuator uses no springs or vacuum hoses so is not limited to the tuning window associated with pneumatic solutions meaning virtually any boost level can be achieved with no limits or compromises to boost and torque management.
The StraightGate50 is an all Australian developed, designed and manufactured world first solution which Turbosmart says has positively disrupted the boost control segment with a product which is priced just 10 percent higher than the previous ‘most premium’ and advanced solutions available in the consumer segment.
Turbosmart says its StraightGate50 has already proven to be widely accepted based on initial orders upon release, but also by the ECU companies and calibration engineers that work on the vehicles where this product would shine the most.
It states that these are lighter, faster, more accurate and responsive and with a wider operating range than any other wastegate in the world, Turbosmart says it has produced them at a consumer-friendly price point.
With enough priority placed on positioning and fitment, the Turbosmart StraighGate50 can reportedly provide a tuning window from zero boost, all the way up to all of the available boost and does so with less mechanical complexity and less wearing components for a longer service life.

For more information, visit www.turbosmart.com