A world first foam cannon with a selected five spray combination and all-in-one design

GPC Asia Pacific explains that the Eclipse Premium Hyper Foam Cannon covers the car in a thick bubbly film that picks up the loose dust and dirt and lifts it from the paint, creating the optimal clean surface to start applying car wash, car polish or car wax.
The Eclipse Hyper Foam Snow Cannon can be used with all leading brands of foaming car washes. It retails for $62.00.
It is made to be used with a pressure washer and comes with two pressure washer adaptors: MechproBlue and the KarcherK Series.
The five-way spray design allows the customer to foam their car faster and more efficiently, achieving maximum productivity with minimum waste.
The spray combinations can be changed at the click of a button, making it super easy to foam the car in any direction.
Spray options include cone, jet, horizontal fan, vertical fan and down.

Key features and benefits:
• Five-spray design
• Save time and money
• Patented technology
• All-in-one design
• Compatible with all leading brands of foaming car washes
• 1L transparent wide body bottle
• G14” quick connector
• Brass head
• Pressure rated to 1000-3500psi
• Two Pressure Washer adaptors: MechproBlue and KarcherK Series

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