Penrite manufactures a range of OEM approved coolants suitable for electric vehicles

With increased development of batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles, the Automotive OEMs are facing the increased challenges of keeping the batteries cool enough to function at peak performance and charge quickly and safely throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.
In the early days of EV and Hybrid vehicles, batteries were air cooled but as the technology advanced and safety standards increased, liquid cooling has become the preferred option for these types of vehicles.
In a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, the engine generates heat from the movement of the pistons up and down the cylinders and the actual combustion process itself.
This heat is largely wasted energy and dispersed via the vehicle’s exhaust system. The engine oil accounts for a good percentage of cooling and the cooling system maintains the engine at its peak operating temperature.
In an electric vehicle the battery can lose efficiency very quicky if it is overheated.
This results in range reduction, longer charge times and reduced life cycle of the battery. An overheated battery can also cause damage to sensitive electrical components that can be very expensive to repair – no different to an overheated internal combustion engine.
To offset the performance losses of batteries, OEMs incorporated liquid cooling into the battery system by employing cooling channels throughout the battery to maintain operating temperatures at peak performance levels. This is generally between 20 to 40 degrees Celsius.
The preferred coolant for EV vehicles and batteries is a mixture of Glycol and water, the same as used in internal combustion engines.
Penrite manufactures a range of OEM approved coolants including Penrite Green OEM Coolant which is suitable for electric vehicles and OEM approved by Tesla for use on the vehicles.
Penrite says its Green OEM coolant has excellent stability at high temperatures and excellent corrosion protection in a broad temperature window.
This coolant also offers low electrical conductivity for improved safety performance.
Penrite Red, Blue and Purple OEM Coolants are also suitable for electrified vehicles to keep their batteries at ideal operating temperature to enable optimum driving range and performance.
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