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Business Automotive Solutions, distributor of Pertamina Lubricants, explains that the Fastron lubricants line was designed to help keep engines in top form shape, not only for your everyday car but also for luxury and racing vehicles.
Prioritising optimum performance and durability, Pertamina Lubricants reportedly exerts maximum effort for every single drop of Fastron oil, to help make sure your vehicle or machinery engines are performing at optimum levels.
All components that build up each Fastron product are said to be carefully selected and made to pass a series of tests to ensure the lubricants meet industry performance standards.
Business Automotive Solutions says it is this kind of parameter that drivers may also consider when picking the best lubricant oil for their engine, as there are parameters in addition to the viscosity that it recommends looking out for.
Another important factor to consider is the lubricant’s ability to maintain maximum performance in a wider range of operating temperatures.
Fastron lubricants were formulated to help address this challenge, it says, stating that Pertamina Lubricants has developed “DuraGuard Technology” that can help lubricants maintain their durability and protection in wide operating temperatures.
Pertamina Lubricants states that the purity and chemical structure may allow the technology to provide better low-temperature performance to protect the engine in cold start and still maintain its advantage in high temperatures.
Further, it claims that as a world-class lubricant’s provider, Pertamina Lubricants’ capabilities in upstream and downstream oil and gas production continuously allows research and development into such technologies.
Business Automotive Solutions says that Pertamina Lubricants has engine oils which may help your vehicle reach its maximum potential in engine performance.
Its most premium lines of Fastron oils include Fastron Platinum and Fastron Gold.
Fastron Gold is a full synthetic quality engine oil designed for use in the latest automotive petrol vehicles where the manufacturer recommends an API SN/CF lubricant.
With optimum shear stability and high-performance additives, Pertamina Lubricants claim the oil can provide superior engine cleanliness resulting in reduced friction for maximum protection and avoidance of excessive wear. Fastron Gold comes in two different viscosity grades including Fastron Gold SAE 5W-30 and Fastron Gold SAE 5W-40.
Fastron Platinum comes in two different viscosity grades: Fastron Platinum Racing SAE 10W-60 and Fastron Platinum SAE 0W-40.
Both are fully synthetic premium oil grade, with the 10W-60 being designed for racing engines by combining a fully synthetic Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil with a balanced selection of premium-performance additives to help deliver the ultimate lubrication performance in its class.

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