The new Bosch cabin filter, for reliable protection against harmful substances

Following extensive air-quality tests, the independent certification body OFI CERT, based in Vienna, Austria, has officially confirmed the quality of FILTER+pro, the new generation of Bosch cabin filters.
Among other things, it tested how well allergens are filtered and reduced, as well as the filter’s ability to reduce the risk of germ transmission.
The modified Bosch FILTER+pro will supersede the proven FILTER+ in the course of the year.
Bosch explains the FILTER+pro is an improvement on its predecessor, not only dealing with allergens, pollen, fine particulates, harmful gases and bacteria, but also combating viruses and mould.

Clean air and a boost for safety and efficiency
In the FILTER+pro, several filter layers work in combination to ensure the best possible cabin-air quality.
An antimicrobial layer works efficiently against viruses, bacteria, and pollen and inhibits fungal growth.
A carbon layer neutralises harmful gases and unpleasant odours, while an ultrafine microfiber layer filters out more than 98 percent of all particulate matter measuring more than 2.5 microns.
In this way, the cabin filters also contribute to road safety – allergic reactions can be reduced, such as sneezing, which can be potentially dangerous at the wheel.
And in addition, windows steam over less, and on the inside of the windshield there are fewer deposits that can contribute to dazzle.
Deposits in the air-conditioning system are also reduced, which helps keep it functioning properly.
With its range of cabin filters for workshops and the aftermarket – whether standard filters, carbon filters, or the new FILTER+pro – Bosch says it now covers 96 percent of all passenger cars in Europe.
For hybrid and electric vehicles, market coverage is also very high, at 95 percent. Bosch now offers a total of 650 different cabin filters, which cover roughly 320 million vehicles in Europe.
For nearly every customer, therefore, workshops have the right Bosch cabin filter, says Bosch.
To maintain filter performance, Bosch recommends that the cabin filters be replaced every 15,000 kilometers, or at least once a year.

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