Entering into the warmer months, managing the engine’s temperature should be a top priority

The performance and health of a vehicle requires constant maintenance to ensure longevity and effective functioning throughout the seasons.
A vehicle’s cooling system acts to remove heat from the engine, ensuring optimal operating temperatures and prevention from overheating of the engine cooling system.
Engine overheating often leads to vehicle component damage, including damage to the gaskets, hoses and seals in the vehicle, which can lead to expensive and long-term damage.
Flashlube says its OEM 100 percent Radiator Coolant has been formulated to deliver the required dose of anti-freeze, anti-boil and corrosion protection for Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid Vehicles, whilst ensuring the overall temperature of the cooling system is maintained.
With use of Si-OAT based inhibitors, the Radiator Coolant creates a protective layer, which safeguards vehicle components from corrosion.
To accompany the Coolant Range, Flashlube Distilled Water has been formulated using a filtration system that eliminates any contaminants and impurities that would negatively impact metals and vehicle components such as magnesium, calcium, chlorides and sodium.
Distilled Water is multipurpose, and has a range of uses including for automotive, household, and medical applications.
Flashlube Distilled Water should be used to dilute Flashlube Radiator Coolant Concentrate at a 50:50 ratio, to prevent any impurities from entering the Cooling system and maintaining optimum performance of the Cooling system and components.

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