“A pioneer for the mobility of the future,” FUCHS says it is leading the way in this area

With many years of experience and in-depth automotive expertise, FUCHS explains it develops lubricant solutions to meet the needs of its customers both today and in the future, therefore “cementing its vision of ‘Being First Choice.’”
FUCHS says its BluEV Technology range builds the bridge between existing and new products and their application in conventional vehicles with combustion engines as well as hybrid vehicles.
Selected engine oils, gear oils and service fluids from FUCHS will be labelled with BluEV Technology, identifying existing and new products that are suitable for use in hybrid vehicles.

Engine Oils
In particular, the interaction between the combustion engine and electric motor in hybrid vehicles, as well as the frequent start-stop behaviour, places new and additional demands on the engine oil.
FUCHS says its BluEV Technology engine oils address precisely these requirements and ensure full protection against wear that can be caused by this arduous duty cycle.
Three premium performance engine oils, TITAN GT1 FLEX 5 SAE 0W-20, TITAN GT1 FLEX C23 SAE 5W-30 and TITAN GT1 PRO C-3 SAE 5W-30, are said to meet the requirements of combustion powered vehicles but can also be used in selected hybrid vehicles, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Transmission/Gear Oils
As vehicle manufacturers rely on the same or related designs of automatic, continuously variable, dual-clutch, or even axle transmissions for hybrid vehicles, gear oils needed are often based on already established specifications.
FUCHS says its BluEV Technology gear oils are therefore suitable for most modern hybrid vehicles. On offer are its TITAN ATF 6400 with BluEV Technology, TITAN ATF 6008 with BluEV Technology, and TITAN ATF 6009 with BluEV Technology.

Service fluids
Due to their modern technological status, newly developed hybrid vehicles require service fluids that meet the latest requirements.
Service fluids include brake fluids, coolants and power steering fluids.
FUCHS says its BluEV Technology brake fluids offer the best protection against steam bubble formation due to their high wet and dry boiling points, while the low viscosities of the brake fluids enable excellent brake response times, ensuring maximum safety.
Meanwhile, the BluEV Technology label on the FUCHS coolants confirms the excellent heat rejection from internal combustion engines in hybrid vehicles, but also from indirect cooling of the electric motor and battery.
Amongst the range is FUCHS’ TITAN CHF 202 with BluEV Technology.

For more information, visit www.fuchs.com/gb-en/au/bluevtechnology/