The new design offers better orientation, better handling, and a gentler use of resources

FUCHS SE, which operates globally in the lubricants industry, is bringing new small packs for the automotive sector onto the market.
It says this new move maximises customer benefits with new labels for better orientation, ergonomic design for better handling, and uses recycled material. The new small packs are now being launched in the Australian market.
The range of lubricant products in the automotive sector is enormous and it is getting harder and harder for customers to find what they need.
FUCHS says the new small packs for all automotive FUCHS product brands — TITAN, AGRIFARM, and MAINTAIN — have risen to this challenge.
FUCHS has optimised its small packs globally for the four, five and seven-litre quantities, not just visually but also in terms of handling and environmental friendliness.
“The unique new design makes it easier for our customers to choose the right product, improves user-friendliness, and saves on resources,” FUCHS Automotive Aftermarket Division Global Head, Krisztián Rada, said.

Easy to choose
FUCHS explains that the updated packs result in an easier user experience as well as a better, more premium look and feel.
The new, clearly structured label design enables customers to identify all the relevant information at a glance. Colours, images, and pictograms help with orientation.
For instance, the quality levels of the products are clearly indicated by the colour codes: gold, silver, and bronze. The most important information the customer needs to know about the lubricant is given in a concise and comprehensible manner — such as the viscosity of the product and area of application — for cars, trucks, or tractors.

Easy to use
The new ergonomically shaped bottles are easy to open without tools, fit better in the hand, and are easier to grip and handle.
For example, the enlarged opening of the bottle and an optimised neck design allow accurate filling with no spillage. Two handles make the four, five, and seven-litre bottles more comfortable to carry and also facilitate filling.
What’s more, the new tamper-resistant cap ensures that the bottle has not been opened before and that if FUCHS is written on it, there is FUCHS inside it. 

Easy on the environment
FUCHS explains that it has been pursuing its sustainability strategy for almost 10 years now, with the objective of carbon neutrality according to the ‘avoid – reduce – compensate’ principle.
As such, all FUCHS lubricants produced in the Group’s plants are CO2 compensated. The bottle material of the new small packs consists of up to 30 percent recycled material (PCR) and is 100 percent recyclable.
FUCHS says the improved bottle shape also makes it possible to pour out even the smallest remaining volume of fluid, allowing complete emptying of the containers.
“Our new small packs are not just intended to be more user-friendly but also contribute to avoiding waste, enable materials to be recycled, and help to reduce carbon footprints,” FUCHS Vice President Sustainability, Markus Garb, said.
“FUCHS will continue to work toward making our packaging continuously more sustainable in the future, too.”
To make things even easier for Australian consumers, FUCHS recently launched FUCHS Rego Lookup, which makes finding the correct FUCHS Lubricants for a vehicle even easier.
Simply scan the QR code and follow the steps to easily get all the information you’ll need to choose the most suitable FUCHS lubricant for the job, or alternatively visit www.fuchsregolookup.com.au
FUCHS develops, produces, and markets high-grade lubricants and related specialities for virtually all industries and areas of application and says it is the only manufacturer of lubricants, greases, coolants, and additives in Australasia.

For more information, visit www.fuchs.com.au