Got a stubborn bolt or screw giving you grief?

Gearwrench says it has your back with its Bolt Biter Extraction Tool range, designed to quickly remove stuck fasteners every time, getting you back on track in no time.
This innovative range of extraction tools was developed after talking to auto mechanics and industrial technicians about their frustrations with existing extraction sockets.
Gearwrench says the Bolt Biter range redefines extraction and solves all the frustrations experienced with traditional extraction tools.
The range includes the original Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets and Lug Nut Extraction Sockets, engineered to securely grip and turn any damaged fasteners.
For tackling damaged screws, the Bolt Biter Impact Screwdrivers concentrate torque with precision, while the impact-ready Bolt Biter Nut Extractor/Drivers reportedly boast an impressive 50 times longer lifespan with their innovative Torsion Zone.
Then there’s the Bolt Biter Screw Extractor range that has patented tapered sides and tip cutting edges that work together to grip and turn the most stubborn fasteners.
Gearwrench explains it all started with the original Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets that stand out for their ability to grip rusted or rounded fasteners, instead of cutting into them, which means they last 10 times longer when used with an impact gun.
With a lifetime warranty, Bolt Biter is built to match the strength of Gearwrench’s traditional impact sockets.
Bolt Biter extraction sockets also have a bi-directional design that can tighten or re-use a damaged fastener just as well as it can remove it, making it perfect for specialised components.
This innovative design also seats easily onto the fastener, so you don’t have to swing a mallet under the hood, and fasteners don’t get jammed in the socket unlike old-school extraction sockets, says Gearwrench.
Bolt Biter even fits a wider range of fasteners, with “minus-size” sockets designed to fit onto fasteners worn down past their original size.
Gearwrench says the Bolt Biter Screw Extractors are the best solution for removing frozen screws, sheared bolts and stuck fasteners. The bi-directional design works with both hand and power tools, while the high strength steel construction delivers up to 50 times longer life, it says.
The new Bolt Biter Impact Screwdrivers offer the convenience of a standard screwdriver with the extraction abilities of a dedicated impact driver, loosening rusted, stripped or difficult to remove screws.
The high-performance steel handle end cap transfers impact shock to an internal mechanism that rotates the heat-treated alloy steel shaft 12 degrees when stuck.
Gearwrench says, “if you’re in a jam, rest assured there’s a Bolt Biter tool to turn every stuck fastener.”

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