NAPA Auto Parts says it has all you need for a quality connection

Whether you’re starting, charging, lighting or connecting, there’s a lot to consider for any electrical job, but NAPA Auto Parts says you can rely on its bright sparks to have everything you need to complete the job at hand.
NAPA Auto Parts explains that it offers a large range of automotive electrical from leading brands to ensure the best possible outcome of your next specialist electrical project.
Its range covers everything from connectivity, circuit control and protection, voltage control, alternators and starter motors, towing, communications, batteries, chargers and jump starters to safety, visibility and lighting.
Whether you’re in a workshop, dealing with commercial transport and equipment, or even working with mining industry machinery – professional jump starters are a staple in day-to-day business, which means you need a powerful, fast charging starter you can rely on.
NAPA Auto Parts recommends Projecta Jump Starters which feature “revolutionary” technology called Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT), which gets your vehicle back up to running in no time.
Rapid Recharge Technology allows you to leave the jump starter connected to the vehicle battery for just 40 seconds after starting the car, and the jump starter will recharge to the state that it was pre-jump start, meaning that it can be ready to start the next vehicle straight away.
The Projecta Intelli-Start IS1500 Professional Lithium Jump Starter is the most powerful lithium jump starter in Projecta’s range, making it perfect for workshops.
It packs a punch at 1500 amps, and a 24,000 mAh battery. With the juice to jump start a diesel engine up to 6.0L in capacity or a petrol engine of up to 8.0L, this professional jump starter will make light work of any tough diesel workhorses or thumping V8 street machines.
The IS1500 also includes handy LED indicators and offers maximum protection. NAPA Auto Parts explains that this jump starter is not only simple to use, but also super safe for the engine, user and jump starter with a simple battery clamp connection.
The handy LED display allows for simple monitoring of the charge level and status when in use, or when charging in the included docking station – providing the perfect clutter-free charging solution for the shelf in the garage or workshop.
NAPA Auto Parts explains that Projecta uses a special Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (LiFePO4) which can absorb a much higher current charge compared to other lithium and lead acid batteries. The lithium iron phosphate battery also means a longer operational life – up to 1,800 battery cycles – which NAPA Auto Parts says is up to four times higher than competitor products.
The Projecta Jump Starter comes with a 240V charging dock, which is used to increase the battery life further (by up to 20 percent). You can also access this revolutionary RRT in smaller compact home-use Projecta jump starters – the IS920 and IS1220.

For more information about Projecta, or NAPA Auto Parts’ wider range of jump starters and automotive electrical, visit for your nearest store.