With BWI’s Dirty Steve

After spending time in the bush, on the water, or on the road as part of the daily commute, it doesn’t take long for your pride and joy – whether boat, jet-ski, trailer, bike, 4WD, car, caravan or truck – to start looking worse for wear due to mud, dust, salt, bugs and other contaminants.
‘Dirty Steve’ says it has the answer, with a comprehensive and boutique range of innovative Australian-made cleaning products that are perfect to wash away dirt, grime, mud, soot, bugs, grease and the remnants of salty sea water.
A brand of leading Australian automotive aftermarket company Brown and Watson International (BWI), the Dirty Steve range comprises a full gamut of cleaning products, such as Ceramic Infused Foaming Wash, Lime Heavy Duty Super Foam, Glass Cleaner, Mag Wheel Cleaner, Tyre Shine, Rust Protection Spray, Vinyl Revitaliser, Ceramic Protectant, Marine Salt Eliminator and Engine Flush, and Foaming Degreaser.
Dirty Steve Washing Solutions are developed with the environment in mind, containing biodegradable surfactants, and safe pH levels for the various applications.
The Dirty Steve range also includes a foaming applicator gun and marine engine flush applicator, connecting directly to the standard ‘at home garden hose’ offering a total cleaning solution, both for DIY vehicle owners and for professional detailers.
Along with making difficult cleaning jobs a lot easier thanks to the products’ innovative formulations, the Dirty Steve range also smells good, incorporating fragrances such as new car scent, lemon myrtle, banana, bubblegum, lime, peppermint, and strawberry.
Dirty Steve cleaning products are widely available in Australia and New Zealand through Repco outlets, and some marine independent retailers in New Zealand.

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