GMB’s Belt Tensioner and Idler Pulley program offers extensive coverage of the Australian Car Parc

The current GMB range covers approximately 500-part numbers with another 50 currently being developed.
At the heart of every GMB belt tensioner and idler pulley is a precision GMB bearing. GMB is a Tier One OEM manufacturer and has been in business for over 75 years and currently manufactures products for 26 OEMs around the world.
Engines of today are very different as belt driven accessories are all driven by a single belt. The much higher loads now placed on drive belts and the variation in loads and engine vibration caused must be controlled.
New components have been developed such as serpentine multi-v grooved drive belts to provide additional grip with the pulleys, specialised belt tensioners designed to maintain a constant belt tension and additional idler pulleys to enable the maximum amount of belt wrap to further improve grip on each of the driven accessories.
Belts should be replaced if they have any cuts, cracking, missing pieces, fraying, wear on either side of the belt or damage caused by oils or other liquids.
The bearings in the tensioners and idler pulleys must be smoothe and quiet in operation, so if there is any noticeable noise in the tensioner or idler pulley, GMB says it should be replaced.
GMB explains that not all tensioners and idler pulleys are manufactured the same, stating that its Premium OE Quality Tensioners, Idler Pulleys, and Timing Components are precision-manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment specifications and are quality assured through ISO/TS16949, ISO9001, ISO9002 and ISO14001.
GMB says its Timing belt kits also use the same quality tensioners and idlers, with all GMB products manufactured by GMB.
GMB states that its tensioners and idler bearings meet the rigorous requirements of vehicle manufacturers worldwide and explains that its design concept is based on OEM collaboration and the best materials possible to stand up to the worst under bonnet environment that the product can be subject to.
GMB explains that it designs quality seals to prevent grease leakage and ingress of contaminants while still maintaining minimum friction between the moving surfaces.
This is assisted with the use of high-quality lubricants to provide long life and maintain operation at extreme temperatures.
The GMB Tensioner and idler range is a part of the Water Pump, Fan Clutch, Steering and Suspension, Universal Joint, Bearing and Hub, and Timing Belt Kit ranges of product currently available from GMB.

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