Available from Zylux and delivering “the power of one”

As the world accelerates to a changing future, Zylux says the new OzCharge Lithium range is well positioned to meet these ever-changing needs.
With the smallest footprint in its class, Zylux says the newly released OzCharge Lithium LiFePO4 battery packs a powerful punch. 
Following four years of development working closely with one of the largest cell manufacturers on earth to develop a compact, IP Rated, Cobalt free battery with the latest in active cell balancing technology to ensure 3000 cycles to 80 percent DOD at 55 Degrees C, Zylux says each battery delivers exactly what the label says it will.  
The Battery is also fully backed by a five-year warranty and lifetime product support.
When combining the new OzCharge Lithium battery with the new OzCharge Pro Lithium chargers, Zylux says you get “the power of one” – one brand optimised together to deliver the ultimate in performance and reliability. 
Building on the already proven OzCharge range that has now been in the Australian market for over 17 years, Zylux says the new Pro Lithium is feature packed with one of the most advanced power supplies delivering an ultra-low standby power when not charging. 
Selectable chemistry including Flooded, Wet, Calcium, Enhanced Flooded Technology (EFB), Stop Start AGM and now a Lithium setting ensure that each battery type is charged correctly for Australian conditions. 
Zylux states the patented Rejuvenation mode assists to recover sulphated batteries and the selectable power output makes this one of the world’s most versatile chargers. 
“These innovations along with the award winning OzCharge battery less jump starters, tyre pressure monitoring systems, advanced car audio and more keep Zylux at the sharp end of the industry, now and into the future,” said Zylux.
OzCharge is distributed by Zylux Distribution Pty Ltd, which is 30 years strong and proudly an approved Capricorn Supplier.  

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