With the Tradeflame 12W Soldering Iron

Tradeflame says it is home to an extensive range of soldering irons which have stood as an industry benchmark for many years.
It says its products are designed in-house and loaded with the innovative features required as times change to demand products which are more versatile, ergonomic and easy to use while improving function.
Tradeflame says its range varies from 8W to 100W, fully portable to 240V, and has an iron to suit any level of user, project, or location.
Portable Soldering options are the way to go for many tradies and caravanners, and the 4.2V 12W Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Soldering Iron is a new firm favourite.
Powered by a 2900 mAh, 4.2V lithium-ion battery which recharges in two hours with the provided USB-C cable, this little power iron reaches the maximum temperature of 480°C in a record time of three minutes and provides continuous use for up to 50 minutes per charge.
Not only is this soldering iron a fast-charging powerhouse, Tradeflame says it has included the best features that every soldering enthusiast has always asked for.
“We learned that many users worked for extended amounts of time on certain projects, and with a bad grip design comes tiredness and soreness in the hand,” Tradeflame National Key Account Manager – Peter Kernke, said.
“With this in mind, we gave it an ergonomic design for maximum comfort in every way, including safe anti-roll wings to stop it rolling off surfaces when placed down.
“We’ve also taken into consideration that certain portable areas can be quite dark to work in, so we’ve added an LED working light so you can always see what you’re soldering no matter how small or dark the space.
“Some copper soldering iron tips can deteriorate quite quickly, but with our long-life conical tip, the tip is iron plated for anti-corrosion, the inner core is copper for good conduction of heat resulting in a longer lifetime for the tip if properly maintained, you’ll also get great value for money and a more cost effective option for serious users.”
Recently, Tradeflame sent the Lithium-Ion Soldering Iron on a road-test with some avid caravanners on a trip around Australia. Upon their return, they were incredibly happy with their new iron, reportedly telling Tradeflame: “no longer do we need an inverter and extension lead specifically for using the soldering iron. The LED illuminated the soldering tip for the times when we were working in dark areas such as under a vehicle’s dashboard, and the unit heats up in minimal time.”
Whether you’re on the go or just like the freedom of soldering without a cord, Tradeflame says its Lithium-Ion is ideal for any job faced by an electrician, mechanic, DIY enthusiast or 4WD/Caravanner.

For more information, visit www.tradeflame.com