Goss says its genuine alternative parts ensure vehicle repairers can rely on its range

Imagine this – the workshop doors open first thing Monday, you see a broken D40 Navara that was towed in the evening before. Stepping past this challenge to your sanity, the day’s scheduled work rolls into focus.
The first problem child is a Mazda CX5 with a misfire and lean running DTCs. It will more than likely be a failed injector on that vehicle.
Scanning to the left and you spot the Audi Q5 that is booked for a possible DPF pressure sensor – you probably need to confirm that diagnosis quickly. And number three is a Toyota Prado that was diagnosed by another workshop with a faulty wastegate actuator.
The mix of service work and repair ahead is looking busy, and your technicians haven’t yet uncovered the mysteries this mix of vehicles is sure to present before 10am.
As a vehicle repairer, it is all part of the job, demanding workshops manage the time it takes to diagnose, order parts, and complete the repairs, all while working within a busy schedule.
At a quarter past nine the headache has not materialised. The CX5 has a blocked fuel injector – easy find – and the lean code turned out to be a faulty rail pressure sensor. Your senior tech has confirmed the Prado wastegate actuator needs replacement and has also given the thumbs up to order a DPF pressure sensor for the Q5.
But then, walking towards the D40 you can feel the shakes coming on. “Please don’t be timing chains” is the mantra you adopt with each step that brings you closer to the Nissan. Lifting the bonnet, you can smell that familiar coolant odour and see the tell-tale stain oozing from a leaking EGR cooler – “winner!”
It is now 9:30am on Monday morning and the worst is over. You know this because the next job is ordering replacement parts for this motley collection of vehicles, and you also know all these parts can come from the one supplier.
Goss explains it is a leading provider of Genuine Alternative aftermarket and Original Equipment Supplier (OES) parts.
With over 75 years of sourcing and developing the world’s leading OES and aftermarket parts, Goss says it prides itself on offering workshops “the Genuine Alternative.”
Goss says its range of new aftermarket (OES) petrol fuel injectors meet or exceed OEM standards and are the ultimate direct replacement injector solution. Goss supplies both GDI and CRD injectors including any consumable seal kits required during replacement.
When it comes to the rail pressure sensor, Goss explains there is no longer a requirement to replace the entire fuel rail assembly as required by most OE manufacturers, with the Goss alternative meaning you can purchase the FRPS as a standalone component.
Meanwhile, Goss aftermarket D40 EGR coolers have been fitted with an upgraded collar providing additional strength resisting metal fatigue and breakage and are supplied with fitment gaskets where necessary, offering substantial cost efficiencies to the aftermarket.
Goss says workshops choose to work with its team because it pursues high-quality alternatives, putting its products through rigorous test cycles in the lab for long-lasting products and a warranty you can rely on.
With your parts orders placed and the repairs well underway, Goss says “you can slide into the rest of the week knowing that the Genuine Alternative from Goss will be there to support you.”

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