In business, when we grow, we don’t grow alone, says Capricorn Group CEO David Fraser

David Fraser Group CEO, Capricorn Society Ltd

We grow, yes, through our hard work and efforts. But we also grow because others have believed in us enough to come along for the journey. They’ve become our customers, and repeat customers, and loyal advocates who spread the good word about us to others.
I’ve been reflecting recently on how growth occurs, because in 2022 Capricorn is reaching a few milestones that paint a gratifying picture of our own growth. I hope you’ll forgive my indulgence in discussing these milestones here, because we literally could not have reached them without you.
The first milestone is that 2022 marks 25 years since Capricorn crossed the Tasman into New Zealand. Our first New Zealand Member joined Capricorn in June 1997, and at the time he had only four suppliers to choose from!
25 years later, we expect to make another milestone, welcoming our 5000th New Zealand Member into the Capricorn family. The decision to grow into New Zealand has become an outstanding success story for Capricorn. We’ve achieved Member growth beyond what could have been imagined in those early years.
The third milestone I wanted to mention occurred in March, when Capricorn welcomed our 25,000th Member.
This hasn’t happened by accident. It goes back to those key inputs I mentioned earlier – hard work and effort – and getting the offering right, so that Members believed in us.
For us, growth meant inspiring our Members to choose to use their Capricorn account for every purchase, because they could see the benefits of doing so. Capricorn’s growth is, therefore, directly related to our Member’s success and their belief in the difference we can make to their business.
Milestones are wonderful things and should be celebrated — and we’re certainly celebrating ours at the moment. But the hard work, the effort, and the belief continue. Because, after all, we don’t grow alone, we grow together.
I think Capricorn can continue to work on how we help our Members with a holistic approach we continue to work on and which I believe is very consistent with the cooperative ethos on which Capricorn has been built.
If you’re interested in how Capricorn can help you build a stronger, sustainable business, visit to arrange a visit from your local Capricorn representative.
Yours in cooperation,
David Fraser
Group CEO – Capricorn Society Ltd

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