Motorsport Brakes was established to supply premium brake friction products to the Australian and New Zealand markets

The company is now the world’s largest brake pad distributor for one of Japan’s most experienced manufacturers of braking products – Winmax Corp. 
A subsidiary of MK Kashiyama Group, Winmax work with Motorsport Brakes (MSB) on all business outside of Japan.
World class racing brake pad brand CIRCO Racing Brake Pads is also distributed by Motorsport Brakes in Australia, with MSB acting on behalf of CIRCO in all racing category supply including for GT3, TA2 Muscle Cars, Australian Production Cars, TCR, Aust Rally Championship, Touring Car Masters, RX8 Cup Racing Series, World Time Attack and much more. 
“Given that Motorsport Brakes is a specialist and niche company who only deals in high-end quality braking products, the markets we deal in are quite defined: Heavy Duty, High-Performance and Competition,” Motorsport Brakes Director, Marty Beckton, said.
“So, all work we do is aimed at those markets and we work with some competition categories such as TA2 Muscle Cars to supply ‘control’ brake pads for the TA2 category.”
Marty explains that MSB is a business dealing in quality products offering personal service focused entirely on quality and rapid response to crucial requirements in specialist fields including Motorsport, Street Performance, OEM, Fleet and Government.
“The fact the MSB deals so heavily in motorsport has real benefits to our customer base when it comes to experience and product development,” Marty said.
“A perfect example of this is our involvement with the Lynton BMW Production Car team in Queensland. These guys have been at the pointy-end of Australian Production Cars for some years and have won the Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst Six Hour event twice in the last three years, including last year’s event with the Shane Van Gisbergen BMW M4.

“New CIRCO brake pad compounds have been developed for this endurance purpose and these products are now commercially available for all customers to buy. For some parts of our customer base, this is invaluable as many of these teams at the lower end of the budget scale simply cannot afford to develop and test. So, a fully developed plug-in solution is available due to the development we have carried out on other cars. 
“This same type of thing does happen for trade customers who are looking for high performance solutions for their road going customers as well.
“Many of the products we supply have been tried and tested in competition environments such as World Time Attack where we tend to use high performance street pads for quick one-lap runs. Some of these products end up in our range or some of the existing products are also used at times which give our company and sales department real-world knowledge of how our products behave. All of this benefits our customers.
“We enjoy plenty of benefits from our involvement in motorsport as well of course. For instance, the leveraging existing relationships to create new ones! Word of mouth is not a new concept of course, but it is by far our biggest form of advertising. 
“Brake systems on competition cars are not only a performance item, but also safety items. They must be reliable and capable of dealing with the punishment that is normal in racing or rally cars. So, you can imagine a driver who may have had a really good experience with our product telling other drivers, engineers or team owners and then this will trickle down and spread as these various people move around in motorsport or communicate with others.
“This is enough in most cases for customers to make their mind up about a product. Of course, this can go the other way as well if someone has a bad experience, but fortunately we don’t have this very often!”
MSB is working hard at expanding its capabilities.
“We are evaluating new products from Winmax and CIRCO, as well as other brands. Our business has built a very good customer base now, so we are looking to be able to offer more to these customers. However, MSB is also being very careful to make sure that we only supply high quality products, so watch this space,” Marty said.
“We have also recently arranged the installation of a new dyno in Japan in conjunction with Winmax Corp. Once commissioned later this year, this facility will allow CIRCO Brakes to more quickly develop pad compounds suitable for various categories around the World.
“The technical requirements from race teams and larger organisations in the Motorsport world require specific and highly detailed information from parts suppliers to even have the opportunity to test on the cars. So, one of our main tasks over the next months is to get into a better position with our technical information capabilities in order to develop new products more quickly!”

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