CTO Industries offers GVM Upgrades for a number of US trucks

CTO Industries says it stands at the forefront of innovation in the US truck market, offering advanced Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) upgrades for renowned models such as the Ram, Silverado, and F-150.
These upgrades, utilising premier suspension systems from King Shocks and Fox Shocks, are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of both commercial and recreational users.
Operating at a state level with ongoing efforts to secure federal approval, CTO says its GVM upgrade packages are bolstered by its development work with the Auto Innovation Centre (AIC), while the work of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) on the GVM approval pathway has also proved important.
CTO says its collaboration with the AIC ensures every upgrade not only meets but exceeds industry standards for performance and safety, while further collaborations with leading caravan manufacturers and boat builders has allowed it to access invaluable feedback on ride quality and safety.
It says the result is a comprehensive package that enhances the overall driving experience, ensuring that trucks equipped with CTO’s GVM upgrades can handle increased loads with stability and control.
The company continually engages with the AIC and other key companies and engineers to refine its testing protocols and product standards.
It says this dedication to R&D ensures that CTO remains at the cutting edge of innovation, setting new benchmarks for quality and reliability in the Australian market.
One of the key differentiators of CTO is its utilisation of King Shocks and Fox Shocks in its GVM upgrades. It states these suspension systems are renowned for their durability and performance, making them ideal for the demands of increased vehicle mass.
By incorporating these top-tier components, CTO says it ensures that its GVM upgrades deliver a smoother, more stable ride, regardless of the terrain.
CTO states feedback from its industry partners is integral to the continuous improvement of its offerings, ensuring it addresses the practical needs and expectations of end-users, while enhancing product performance and building trust and confidence.
As CTO continues to lead the charge in GVM upgrades for US trucks, it says it remains focused on delivering products that combine enhanced safety, superior performance, and long-lasting durability.
By leveraging advanced suspension technologies and maintaining a steadfast commitment to quality, CTO says it is poised to redefine standards and expectations within the US truck market in Australia.

For more information, visit www.ctoindustries.com.au