The newest addition to the Ryco range

When first connecting with Supercars, Ryco says it understood that the category wanted to extend engine life to reduce rebuild frequency, with filtration playing a key role.
Accepting the challenge, Ryco designed a range of new filtration products specifically for Supercars, with the benefits transferable to other race categories and everyday passenger cars.
The A5000R High Efficiency Air Filter was the first technical control air filter for 2023 Ford and Camaro Gen3 Supercars.
Ryco engineers continued to research and design new ways to ensure fine dust environments are no challenge for their filters – and its upcoming release, the A5001R Ryco NanoCel High Efficiency Air Filter, was developed and tested in Australia to do just that.
The new patented honeycomb cell structure made up of nano-fibre media was the inspiration behind name NanoCel for the newest addition to the Ryco range.
It incorporates a total of 4sqm of filtration area, which Ryco explains for comparison, is four times the filtration area of the OE equivalent.
Ryco says that allowing for a greater amount of media to fit into small spaces maintains the engine’s life and flow by acting as a stronger catchment for dust and particulates not visible to the naked eye.
Ryco states it utilised Australia’s only dedicated filtration laboratory with stringent testing procedures to design something that could not only uphold OE standards, but exceed them, taking into consideration what could work for the Australian climate and conditions.
It is designed to fit any housing that will fit A1634 or Toyota 17801-51020​ and does not require any change to the existing OE intake system or existing intake accessories​.  
The new A5001R Ryco NanoCel High Efficiency Air Filter will be available from all good Ryco stockists from February 2024.

For more information, visit www.rycofilters.com