Putting your load to bed easily and safely

JB Weld – which states it is a leader in developing adhesives, bonds, epoxies, threadlockers and coatings – has added Herculiner to its product lines.
It says Herculiner is the only polyurethane and rubber granule coating able to be applied in just three easy steps to ute trays, truck beds and other surfaces.
JB Weld says its proprietary solvent-based formula allows Herculiner to adhere better to surfaces than water-based products, and it can bond to virtually any surface or material including wood, metal, concrete, aluminium, asphalt, rubber, fibreglass and plastics including PVC, making it suitable for the automotive, hardware and industrial markets.
By sealing the surface Herculiner prevents rust, and is also resistant to petrol, oils, solvents and other chemicals. When cured Herculiner provides a textured tough, durable, skid resistant protective coating that won’t chip, flake or peel.
While other coatings when damaged need to be removed or gouged, Herculiner adheres to itself and so can easily be repaired with additional applications.
Herculiner can be painted using a polyurethane-based paint – other types of paints will not have the same pliability and so they are more likely to crack and peel off. The best time to apply paint is within 24 hours of Herculiner becoming dry to the touch.
Herculiner is available in a Bed Liner Kit complete with rollers, a brush and abrasive pad; in 946ml and 3.78l tins and also in an aerosol spray.

For more information, visit www.hpplunds.com.au or call Ben Leonard on 07 3722 1111.