Milford has introduced “the most up-to-date vehicle towbar electronic coding tool available”

Are you making the most of every towbar fitment opportunity? Well, Milford says now you can with the Milford Ult1Mate Electronic Coding system.
In an increasing number of instances, towbar installations are simply incomplete without some degree of vehicle coding or re-coding. This can be viewed as a problem and as an opportunity.
In many cases when confronted with this requirement, Milford says aftermarket retailers and installers shy away from what they expect is a complicated, technically sophisticated and perhaps even risky activity.
Rather, Milford says they defer to the misguided belief that vehicle re-coding as part of a towbar installation is something that can only be done by a vehicle dealership: after all, that’s what the ‘Buy Genuine – Original Equipment’ campaign has instilled in consumers, right?
Wrong, says Milford. It states you too can prosper from this modern necessity thanks to “the sheer brilliance and simplicity of Milford’s Ult1Mate Electronic Coding system.”
The Ult1Mate Electronic Coding tool is a portable, handheld unit designed with the workshop or mobile installer in mind.
Milford states it has a brilliantly clear and ultra-bright LCD screen and an easy to navigate user menu that needs no WIFI or internet connection to operate.
It is also made from sturdy, workshop grade materials and is IP rated for outdoors use if required.
Via connection to the vehicle’s OBDII port (with the supplied cable) and with the assistance of the very important and completely automated step-by-step on-screen user guide, users are navigated through the process of implementing the vehicle’s specifically required electronic changes.

So, what are these electronic alterations that are so jealously guarded by the OEMs?
Milford says they include Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and Body Control Module (BCM) settings, such as Engine, Transmission mapping and cooling adjustments, ABS and Air Suspension alterations, and the latest trailer enabled safety systems including Sway Mitigation and Trailer Stability programs.
Other advanced driver assistance systems include Cross Traffic Alert, Blind spot Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Change Warnings and disabling Rear Parking (RPA) Sensors. Milford says you can also clear those troublesome vehicle instrument cluster alarms and alerts too.
For the more advanced user, there’s even a manual mode for bespoke adjustments and indeed, and many other non-towing related vehicle re-coding services are also included such as the 12V battery registration/enabling program (included free of charge).
Once you download the easy to use and intuitive PC based Application/User interface to a PC or Laptop to access the more than 400 available vehicle applications, Milford explains you needn’t worry about vehicle towbar programming anymore.
By subscribing to Milford’s annual vehicle coding plan with unlimited downloads and by backing up these applications to the hand-held unit, Milford says you will be able to offer vehicle Towbar coding with confidence from now on.
As a Special Introductory offer, Milford is offering a free first 12 month’s subscription plan with the purchase of the coding tool – for a limited time only.

For more information, contact Milford via www.milford.one