HPD is reporting a big increase in demand, and huge decreases in trans temps

Rob Varga’s Y62 Patrol with two 300x300x50mm HPD Transcoolers fitted tows his 3.5tonne full off-road caravan through the bush.

An increasing number of 4WD vehicle owners are becoming aware of the importance of transmission cooling.
For those in the know who tow, High Performance Diesel (HPD) says the most important modification on their 4WD is an auxiliary transmission cooler.
HPD reports it has experienced an average 23 percent yearly increase in sales for its vehicle specific transmission cooler (Transcooler) kit for the past five years.
HPD Sales and Customer Support Officer, Rob Varga, connects with scores of customers (rather loudly) every day and explains why HPD Transcoolers are so popular.
“No other company makes an oil cooler with a 50mm thick bar and plate core. Customers are telling us they’re achieving big trans temp reductions, plus they love the way they look,” Rob said.
Rob has fitted two 300x300x50mm HPD Transcoolers to his Y62 Patrol.
“It is a relatively affordable way to provide protection for expensive automatic transmissions that are subjected to trans-killing temps from towing a trailer loaded with tools and a digger, maybe it’s a massive boat, or maybe, like me, they’re dragging a three and a half tonne caravan through sand and mud,” Rob said.
Due to the considerable demand experienced by the sales team, HPD says it has released a new range of Universal Transcooler Kits for customers looking for a flexible solution to fit HPD’s tried and proven oil coolers to vehicle projects that are a little (or a lot) out of the ordinary.
HPD Transcooler Kits are available with a choice of three sizes of oil cooler units: 400x110x50mm, 300x200x50mm and 300x300x50mm, to suit both space constraints and cooling requirements.

The new HPD Universal Transcooler Kits – Dash Fitting compatible – are available in three sizes to suit space constraints and cooling requirements.

They can be optioned with either 8mm or 10mm banjo bolt fittings that are CNC machined in-house from billet alloy.
Customers have the added option of ordering the length of 8mm or 10mm premium quality fuel, oil and heat resistant hose required.
They are shipped with a pair of 90° brackets that are lasercut from 3mm thick 304 grade stainless steel as well as supporting nuts, bolts and washers.
HPD reports the -6 ORB (dash fitting) compatible inlet/outlet threads are a feature that’s received much positive feedback from workshop owners.
HPD reports impressive figures during testing and remarkable real-world results
HPD reports that one of its 300x200x50mm Transcooler units fitted to a current model D-Max reduced transmission fluid temperatures by 13°C during controlled testing on a dyno, despite the ambient air temperature being six degrees warmer than before the transmission cooler was installed.
HPD says it has also received numerous testimonials from customers who claim far greater cooling results.
“The most memorable message was from a customer called David. He rang us as he was concerned that his transmission temps were now too low!” HPD Sales and Customer Support, Karl Venning, said.
“I asked him to send us his temperature recordings in an email.”
David’s Scan Gauge III on his 2nd generation D-Max showed an incredible 52°C reduction in transmission oil temperature towing his 24ft caravan.
Before installing a HPD Transcooler, David’s transmission oil temperature was a frightening 116°C towing his 2600kg caravan up a hill.

David’s Isuzu D-Max is fitted with a 300x200x50mm HPD Transcooler and claims an extraordinary 52°C reduction in transmission temps.

After fitting a HPD Transcooler, David recorded his transmission oil temperature at 64°C, driving up the same hill on a 26°C day.
HPD says its stunning Transcooler Kits feature end tanks that are CNC machined from solid billet alloy, with a minimum 4mm wall thickness to withstand high fluid pressures and impact from rocks and other debris.
It says they not only look great, but they’re also developed to cope with the toughest off-roading and touring conditions.
Once HPD’s rock star team of highly skilled precision welders bond the tanks to the extremely durable bar and plate cores, all HPD Transcoolers are tested to cope with pressures beyond normal operating conditions.
As a result of HPD’s research and development, HPD says its hoses with superior heat resistance are supplied to cope with higher temperatures produced by the latest generation of automatic transmissions.
Further, the end tank/bar and plate core design of HPD Transcoolers also provide the benefit of creating minimal added pressure on the transmission pump compared to typical stacked plate oil coolers.
HPD Universal Transcooler Kits can also be used for other cooling applications including motor oil and coolant.
HPD explains they have been fitted to race cars to cool engine oil, and they are also used to cool power steering systems as well as transmission coolers for street machines.

For more information about Transcoolers and many other HPD products, visit www.hpdiesel.com.au