A range of glass cleaning products can ensure your view is crystal clear

Ask any race driver, and they’ll tell you being able to see clearly is even more important than having the best tyres, the best dampers, and the best brakes.
During day-to-day commuting, your car’s windscreen is continually bombarded with greasy deposits along with stubborn, bonded contaminates – both of which are challenging to remove.
It is these contaminants that create those acute visibility issues suffered when driving into the late afternoon sun, or on a dark, stormy night with oncoming headlights.
The problem is typically attacked using harsh, aggressive chemicals, which run the risk of harming the delicate finish on windscreen surrounds, as well as sensitive paintwork.
Meguiar’s says that as “the world’s most trusted automotive Surface Care specialist”, it takes a different approach, stating that the paint-safe, one-two-punch of its Windscreen Polishing Compound and Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner delivers crystal clear glass, that stays cleaner for longer.
With the deep cleaning action of its super micro-abrasive technology, Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound removes the oily residue, water spots and stubborn bonded contaminants that regular washing and glass cleaners struggle to budge.
Applied by hand or with a DA Polisher, the Glass Polishing Compound restores smoothness and cleans to dramatically enhance vision – especially in tough conditions like night and wet weather driving.
To ensure zero residue remains, Meguiar’s recommends that you follow it with Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner.
It explains that this safe yet powerful glass cleaner delivers amazingly clear, streak-free results quickly and easily. Furthermore, its anti-hazing and dust repellent technology maintains that clarity for longer.
Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner is paint, tint and trim safe, as well as interior friendly thanks to its unique ammonia-free, professional formulation. On the inside, it makes short work of the smoker’s film and the greasy, fog-inducing residue that inevitably builds up over time.
For best results Megiuar’s says it should be used with Meguiar’s No Smear Glass Cloth – available in single or twin packs.
These premium quality microfibre cloths feature a proprietary no-grab texture, are totally non-scratching and 100 percent lint free. And when cleaning the glass – don’t forget to do the rear vision mirrors as well.

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