Repairs and reinflates to get you back on the road fast

Filpro Automotive says Holts has been keeping people driving for over 100 years, with a large range of products designed and developed to solve everyday problems encountered by drivers.
A commonly encountered problem, and one of the most common reasons for a call to roadside assistance, is a flat tyre.
A flat tyre is an unexpected inconvenience that can happen at any time or anywhere.
Changing a flat can be a dangerous task on the side of the road whilst trying to avoid passing traffic; and with most new car manufacturers opting for more space in place of a spare tyre, a tyre change isn’t an option.
For this, Filpro Automotive says Holts is an alternative to a lengthy wait for roadside assistance.
Holts Tyreweld is a water-based rubber solution that can repair punctures up to 5mm in diameter, which accounts for approximately 95 percent of punctures. With Holts Tyreweld there is said to be no need for removal of the tyre, or the use of any tools.
The unique, twist button, automatic transfer system is reportedly unlike other aftermarket tyre repair products.
By attaching the end of the tube to the tyre valve and twisting the red button, the Holts Tyreweld disperses into the tyre within seconds, and works instantly by coating the inside of the tyre to seal the puncture. The gas in the can inflates the tyre, making it possible to drive on immediately.
The temporary repair system is sufficient in getting the vehicle to the tyre shop for a full repair; withstanding a maximum speed of 80kph.
Being a water-based rubber solution, Holts Tyreweld is not toxic and non-damaging to rims and tyres, and is not hazardous or flammable; making it easy to wipe or wash away, and to dispose of by the tyre repairer.
Taking up much less space than a spare tyre, Holts Tyreweld is safe to store inside the vehicle in both hot and cold weather.
Tyreweld cans are made from one piece of aluminium to withstand temperatures up to 97°C; and if cold weather is a factor, Tyreweld will reportedly work in temperatures as low as -10°C.
Filpro Automotive says Holts Tyreweld is compatible with all Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems and will not cause damage.
The Tyreweld Emergency Puncture Repair product comes in three sizes, for different tyre sizes; covering small cars to 2WD and 4WD vehicles.

For more information, contact Filpro Automotive on 0400 878 837 or via arossiter@filpro.com.au