How willing are you to embrace new technologies and new ways of doing things?

David Fraser, Group CEO, Capricorn Society Ltd

We like to think that, as automotive business owners, we are great at adapting to change. After all, carmakers are inventing new tech for us to get our heads around all the time.
But we are about to find out how true this really is, because we are now living in a period of incredible and rapid change and it is going to fundamentally change our industry.
In twenty years’ time, as vehicles become increasingly connected, autonomous, shared and electric, our businesses may look very different.
This is one reason Capricorn has invested in Shift4Good, a global impact venture capital fund that aims to decarbonise the transport sector for goods and people.
It is backed by institutional financial investors and major industry players, with the goal of identifying and supporting the auto industry’s best emerging entrepreneurs with in-depth sector knowledge and financing.
But there’s more to ensuring the longevity of our businesses and our industry than just the technology.
Of equal importance are the people who will work in our industry and lead it. We must encourage, grow, and support the next generation of technicians, business owners and entrepreneurs.
Two in five Members told our State of the Nation Special Report they were very or extremely likely to take on an apprentice in the future – a figure that’s up five percentage points on 2022.
Problematic, though, is the fact the data also shows 43 percent of Members lost an apprentice before the apprenticeship was finished.
So, we don’t just need to attract the next generation of talent, we need to retain it as well.
The future is full of opportunity – it is exciting. Let’s embrace it.
David Fraser
Group CEO – Capricorn Society Ltd

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