The product won the Featured Product Award for Best In-Vehicle/Electronic/Telemetry Product at PRI

HP Tuners’ award-winning MPVI2+ is now available direct from its exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor, VCM Performance.
The MPVI2+ won the Featured Product Award for Best In-Vehicle/Electronic/Telemetry Product at the PRI Show in Indianapolis.
MPVI2+ is an OBDII interface tool that connects the industry leading VCM Suite to a comprehensive list of vehicles’ various control modules. Together, VCM Performance says the combination presents one of the most complete scanning, logging, and calibration tools on the market.
The new flagship device from HP Tuners allows users to diagnose and clear trouble codes, monitor vehicle performance, or read from various vehicle control modules. Via the VCM Editor, users can optimise vehicle performance, fuel economy, and customise a vehicle to their needs.
VCM Performance says the MPVI2+ has improved functionality and additional features over previous devices to take a user’s experience to the next level, creating the ideal calibration package for any professional tuner or weekend enthusiast.
The MPVI2+ features Bluetooth 5.0 technology (enabling support for select iOS and Android applications); a Motorsports grade screw-on 4-pin M8 connector; a twelve times faster USB-C connection and an all-new RGB LED for device status.
When using the MPVI2+ together with the Pro Feature Set, the Pro Link+, users can also import up to two analogue signals and one CAN signal at a time, and seamlessly integrate Wideband 02, boost pressure sensor, and more to enhance the calibration and logging experience.
Standalone Data Logging is also new to Pro Feature Set, making it easier than ever to collect data while driving.
The MPVI2+ is also compatible with HP Tuners’ TrackAddict app and RaceRender video and data overlay software to enable users to capture additional data channels and create amazing videos with customisable layouts of high-tech data overlays and individual logo graphics.

For more information, call VCM Performance on 03 9763 7599, visit www.vcmstore.com.au or email sales@vcmperformance.com.au