Managing oils and lubricants made easy

Over the last decade, the modern automotive workshop has undergone drastic evolution, driven by advancements in technology and shifting consumer and vehicle demands.
One of the most critical areas of change, often overlooked, is the management and application of oils and lubricants.
In the intricate landscape of contemporary vehicles, ensuring the accurate matching of oils and lubricants to specific vehicle specifications isn’t just beneficial – it is essential. Using the incorrect product can lead to catastrophic failure.
Megabus Software says this is where its state-of-the-art Marlin Workshop Management ecosystem can assist.
By seamlessly integrating with leading industry quoting tools such as Boyces AutoLibrary, Burson EzyParts, and Repco SmartQuote and Repco Navigator Pro, Megabus Software says it provides workshops access to up-to-date vehicle specification data.
Megabus states this integration is particularly effective when handling oils and lubricants, which are crucial components for vehicle health and performance.
Megabus offers the following five working examples as proof of why this integration is “a game changer.”

  • Precision and compatibility: every vehicle model has its unique set of requirements for oils and lubricants. The integration ensures that workshops can quickly and accurately match the correct product to each vehicle. This precision guarantees that cars operate at their peak performance while eliminating potential damage from unsuitable products.
  • Efficiency in inventory management: with access to vehicle-specific oil and lubricant data, warehouse stock availability, electronic purchase order submissions and returned credit tracking, workshops can manage their stock more efficiently, saving time and costly overstocked inventory.
  • Rapid customer service: when a customer enquires about a specific vehicle’s oil or lubricant requirements, time spent on research can be cut drastically. Instant access to this data in your quoting system facilitates faster, more informed customer interactions, enhancing the overall service experience.
  • Future-proofing services: the automotive industry is in a state of constant evolution, with new vehicle models and variants being launched frequently. An integrated system ensures that workshops keep updated on the latest vehicle specifications, allowing them to cater to all vehicles, old or new.
  • Financial efficiency: with financial document integrations, the Megabus Marlin ecosystem of products can receive electronic invoices and credit notes directly from most major industry suppliers. This allows for rapid back-office reconciliation and accurate job costing, providing a detailed view of the Gross Profit for each line on every invoice.

In the world of automotive care, the devil is indeed in the details. A misstep in something as fundamental as oil and lubricant application can have cascading repercussions.
By adopting the integrated Marlin Tyre and Mechanical Workshop Software management system from Megabus, workshops can not only streamline their operations but also elevate their service quality, ensuring every vehicle under their care receives the precise attention it requires and deserves.

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