Mobil says Rego-Plate-Mate is a workshop’s best friend

There are ordinary oil guides, says Mobil, and then there’s the Mobil lubricants oil guide – now with Rego-Plate-Mate.
With industry leading performance and functionality, the company says identifying the correct Mobil lubricants for any vehicle is now a breeze, requiring just a few keystrokes.
Unlike generic oil guides, Mobil explains that its oil guide caters specifically to Australian delivered vehicles, incorporating the unique specifications of Australian-market vehicles, that often differ from other global markets.
The conventional method of inputting vehicle details – year, make, and model – into an online platform, followed by selecting the right option from a seemingly endless list of marginally different variants can be exasperating, time-intensive, and error-prone.
This is especially true when trying to pre-order lubricants for an upcoming service, for which the customer has supplied incorrect, or incomplete vehicle info.
Mobil says the ability to search a passenger, or light commercial vehicle’s details via its rego plate, makes Rego-Plate-Mate one of the most powerful tools a workshop can have at its fingertips.
It states this gives every workshop technician lightening access to a vehicle’s correct oil specs, making for a tremendous time saver.
“By eliminating uncertainly and guesswork, there’ll be no surprises to torpedo your day – especially when dealing with unusual or uncommon vehicles; helping to boost your bottom line, and helping you work smarter, not harder,” MotorActive National Sales Manager – Lubricants and Paint, Gareth Clarke, said.
While Rego-Plate-Mate streamlines the Mobil Oil Guide, it remains one of the most comprehensive guides available in Australia.
Beyond suggesting the recommended Mobil 1, Mobil Super, or Mobil Delvac engine oils, it also provides most Service Fill Capacities, including filters.
“When it comes to specifying the correct oil for a customer’s car, the powerfully capable Rego-Plate-Mate in tandem with Mobil 1 lubricants, stands ready,” Gareth said.
“What else would you expect from the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand? You’ll be able to get the job done right and move onto the next satisfied customer.
“Log on to to use Rego-Plate-Mate – click the ‘Oil Guide’ button and “experience the future of streamlined oil selection today!”

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