LandCruiser and Hilux used cars are in demand, and so are parts

Car prices are soaring at the moment; supply is limited, and so used cars are sought after. Some are in demand more than others, with Toyota LandCruisers top of the list for many buyers. HPP Lunds says these vehicles are better than money in the bank, which means keeping them on the road is a top priority.
Moody’s Analytics shows used cars have sold for a 65 percent higher price tag in the first quarter of 2022 than they did three years ago before the pandemic. LandCruisers have experienced the biggest jump in value because they have a solid reputation, as has the Toyota Hilux ute.
Automotive website ‘Drive’ recently reported that a customer in Ballarat who had bought a Hilux in 2014 sold it for almost the price he paid for it despite it now wearing 225,000 kms on the odometer.
With this information in hand, it is critical to know where to purchase good quality LandCruiser and Hilux parts, especially those that wear out the most due to offroad or continuous tradie use, such as steering and suspension parts.
HPP Lunds stocks a plethora of aftermarket LandCruiser and Hilux parts ranging from body hardware to replacement mechanical parts.
HPP Lunds says its CV/swivel hub kits and steering racks are competitively priced, and the CV kits include Japanese made bearings while the racks are now sourced from a new supplier that offers superior quality and a more consistent supply rate.
As an example, brand new steering rack assemblies are available for the LandCruiser UZJ100, UZJ200, VDJ200, KDJ120, KZJ95R, KZJ120, RZJ95 and HDJ100. For Hilux they cover KUN26 and GUN125/126 models.
Another often serviced part, the CV/swivel hub kits are available for LandCruiser FJ45, BJ42, FJ40, FJ45, FJ60, FJ62, HJ45, HJ47, HJ60, HJ61, HJ75, FJ75, Fj80, FZJ75, FZJ79, FZJ78, HDJ78, HDJ79, HZJ78, HZJ79, FZJ80, HDJ80, HZJ80 HZJ75, 105 series and VDJ78/79 series.
HPP Lunds says its orders are usually despatched same day or for larger orders, the next day, and sent by courier or on customer freight accounts to ensure quick delivery.
HPP Lunds has a catalogue available for LandCruiser parts and one specifically for Hilux which can be downloaded from the HPP Lunds’ website. Lunds 4WD parts are also listed on AutoInfo (Oscar) with more than 28000 entries.

For more information, visit or contact the HPP Lunds Call Centre on 1300 306 781.