For Electric Vehicles

With the number of electric vehicles steadily increasing on our roads, manufacturers of automotive components need to ensure their products meet the specific demands of these types of vehicles.
In particular, electric vehicles have increased demands of their braking systems due to their higher acceleration capabilities, heavier vehicle mass and a lack of vehicle noise.
One such product is the new Bremtec Evolve range of replacement brake pads which are available through CoolDrive Auto Parts.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says the Bremtec Evolve brake pads benefit from years of research and development and are ideally suited for performance and electric vehicles.
The “class-leading” characteristics of the Evolve brake pads include a “GG” friction class to ensure adequate braking torque to counter the increased weight of the vehicle due to the inclusion of the battery pack.
Quieter engines, such as those installed in electric vehicles, require quieter brakes. The Evolve brake pads are reportedly tested to the extreme to meet Bremtec’s strict safety, durability and performance standards, which are said to exceed the industry’s requirements.
These include road tests and a NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) test to specification SAE J2521.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says cleaner-looking wheels are also assured with the Evolve brake pads, which are manufactured using a next generation Performance Ceramic+ formulation to deliver zero brake dust.
Further benefits of the Bremtec Evolve pads including greater rust removal ability, a high heat tolerance and a long life.
In proof of its commitment to continue to deliver innovative solutions to the aftermarket, Bremtec Brakes recently conducted benchmark tests where its brake pads were fitted to a 2020 Tesla Model 3 F and a NIO ES8 electric vehicles and tested against the OE pads.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says in pleasing results – and proof of Bremtec’s expertise – the Evolve brake pads outperformed the OE pads when it came to stopping ability, thickness loss and noise level, delivering on Evolve’s promise of unrivalled braking for spirited street driving.

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