The need to ease the workflow in a workshop has resulted in an intelligent automotive diagnostic device 

A drive to make work processes in a workshop more efficient was the start of Voltas IT, the creators of intelligent automotive diagnostic device, OBDeleven. 
Voltas IT, a new member of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA), was established in 2014.
Since then the company has been developing and perfecting its automotive diagnostic device called OBDeleven, which help daily drivers to diagnose and customise their vehicles with a simple-to-use mobile device application.
The progress and success with the device resulted in Voltas IT being recognised as the winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2019 award, as the company demonstrated growth of revenue of 5734 percent between 2015 and 2018. 
Voltas IT says perhaps the secret behind the success was the fact that the three founders were always present in the automotive industry, working on cars throughout their careers.
Thus, automotive engineering expertise was the foundation upon which OBDeleven was built, resulting in a pocket-sized device that is as easy to use as it is loaded with features, including dealer-level diagnostics. 
But what makes the device unique? After all, many tools in the automotive diagnostic market can read codes and showcase to a user whether there is anything wrong with their car. 
One of the primary selling points of OBDeleven is that the device offers a functionality of dealershiplevel software in a mobile device, meaning you can carry it everywhere with you or always keep it in a glove-box of your car.  
“Once we realised that our community has continued to grow massively, we wanted to make sure that our number one priority – quality – would be continued to be offered to our users, resulting in us working with the Volkswagen Group (VAG) and BMW,” Voltas IT Chief Executive Officer, Edvardas Astrauskas, said.
“The two automakers granted us an official license in 2016 and 2019, respectively, allowing us to provide our users with all of the functionality that they would need when diagnosing or customising their cars.”
Having full access to every control unit also allows users to customise their vehicle with their mobile devices.
Whether that would be retrofitting aftermarket parts, such as parking sensors, and cruise control, customising the look of your car by changing your light flickering, changing the color or theme of your cockpit, or fine-tuning the performance by adjusting the electronic differential lock, for example, everything can be done with One-Click Apps.
These ready-to-use programming functions act as a simple solution for those who have no time, interest, or even knowledge about coding within a vehicle and improve a car at a moment’s notice by enabling various hidden features, or disabling something that might annoy a driver, such as the Auto Start/Stop function. 
Nevertheless, due to the need to make car coding easier, OBDeleven is also suited for more advanced users who are enthusiasts or workshop professionals working with multiple cars at a time.
Voltas IT says the functionality of OBDeleven is almost limitless, as with Coding / Long Coding, as well as Adaptations / Long Adaptations, users can tinker around with the control unit and sub-control unit software, retrofitting parts or changing the functionality of the car with the software. 
A crucial feature of the device is the ability to conduct a full scan of an automobile’s control units and to see the full log of data about any active, critical, or passive faults your car might have.
With the Freeze Frame function, you can gain further knowledge about a car you are about to buy, for example, as you can see the history of the control unit and any faults that it might have had in the past.
It could also be an indicator of odometer fraud, especially if the mileage on the data and the odometer do not match up. 
OBDeleven also allows owners of VAG-made vehicles to modify even the newest models with access to SFD-protected control units. OBDeleven was the first third-party tool in the market to provide such a solution. 

For more details about OBDeleven, and opportunities to become a distributor, contact Voltas IT via