The new product has been recently released by Penrite

Penrite has recently released the new Convoy DPF Cleaner, a new diesel fuel additive.
This new additive has been specifically formulated to improve the operation and reduce maintenance of Diesel Particulate Filters in light and heavy duty diesel engine applications.
The new Convoy DPF Cleaner acts as a catalyst to assist in the regeneration of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) by initiating passive regeneration (soot oxidation) at lower temperatures for more thorough regeneration.
This replaces the need to remove and clean the DPF or replace it completely from high soot loading.
The one litre pack treats 200 litres of diesel fuel and provides improved economy, lower emissions and improved fuel combustion for reduced particle matter, maximising engine efficiency and DPF life, says Penrite.
It can be used in both light and heavy duty diesel fueled vehicles and is safe for use in vehicles equipped with SCR systems and exhaust catalysts.
Penrite – which is 100 percent Australian family owned and operated – has been producing world class lubricants for more than 95 years.
Fast approaching 100 years of Australian production, Penrite says it continues to invest into the future for future Australians and continues to lead the way in lubricant manufacturing in Australia.
Whether it be the latest specification product, packaging innovation or cleaner and more sustainable manufacturing, Penrite says it is the innovator that other companies follow.

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